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It cannot be argued with, about the vast importance of blockchain tech in the world today.It has been a complete revolutionary in the crisis faced in the economy all over the globe. This term for those who do not know is a ledger used for keeping records of transactions done. In normal terms,a ledger is a book for keeping notes, especially one for keeping accounting records, this also applies in blockchain technology, Just that it is more sophisticated and secured.
There's a whole lot of advantages provided by this amazing tech ranging from it's process being very transparent, being very much secured,efficient in every aspect of its expectations and lastly very fast in it's processes. Other terms which have surrounded it are cryptocurrency(or crypto) and exchanges.Crypto is a form of money which is digitalized and the platform on which it is being traded for fiat or vice versa is called an exchange. Transactions in the world of crypto have also advanced with more digitalized money and exchanges coming up everyday. This has greatly left a positive impact in the worlds economy.


Problems facing the world that crypto and blockchain tech have solved
Up till the moment when cryptocurrencies were introduced, the only monetary system in place didn't really put customer betterment as a top priority in its services. All it did and is still doing up till this very moment is using the money of customers to enrich themselves. If a customer opens an account with a bank and deposits money,there are charges being placed by the bank on the users which reduces the money he/she initially planned to save or use for something important.This can only be said to be another form of extortion. So there came the solution brought by crypto and the blockchain tech where non of this occurs. Your crypto token which is equivalent to a particular amount of fiat currency you have bought it for is yours and yours alone. The only charges involved is that of transaction fee which is very minute in value and doesn't affect anything. This sure has helped lessen the burden of users around the globe.
Although these properties of these great innovation seems mouth watery, there are still problems posing a great threat to its executions. For instance, in the area of exchange(as said before this is a platform where crypto tokens are converted to Fiat or vice versa) where a lot of transactions that are being done daily can't be processed in time, and a lot more being shared between the exchange platforms that are centralized and the ones that are not centralized. An innovation called coincasso has been created to help solve these problems facing the crypto world.

For more checkout the website: and whitepaper:


What is coincasso?
This is a platform which has been made to help users all over the globe.Using this exchange platform, all decisions wanted by the users are accepted as they are the ones who actually make them.A user decides what he/she wants on the platform, isn't that Marvellous? Democracy for all on an exchange platform. And also users will be beneficiaries from all sorts of rewards that will be made available by coincasso. Truly it will change the world for the better, bringing forth solutions that will make the crypto world better than it has always been.The tokens called CCX tokens have already been made and is on sale currently. For more checkout the website: and whitepaper:

1.The platform can perform a lot of transactions within a short period of time and can do even more as time goes by thus accounting for its speed
2.Those who make the initial coin offering available are trustworthy so eliminating fear of scams
3.Every holder of the tokens are eligible for bonus and gains
4.Wide range of payments are accepted be it fiat currency or tokens
5.Support service is available for users all through the day(24 hrs service)
6.Security is at a maximum level
7.There are nine types of order in the readings it can perform
8.Trading is marginalized
9.User Interface is very efficient
For more checkout the website: and whitepaper:

The world is currently adopting cryptocurrecy at a fast rate and this brings a great deal of joy to all crypto enthusiasts.Since this is seen as progress in this wonderful world, it is of great and utmost priority that it is fully acted upon to grow and do more without giving any problems to users. So this platform has done its part in making this a reality, showing cryptocurrency and blockchain tech to the world in a good light.

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