You Really Don't Have Much Time, Hillary, HIVE Has Already Taken Off

You Really Don't Have Much Time, Hillary, HIVE Has Already Taken Off

There's blood on the streets, but it's not mine, there's fear among the governments, spread by our dear Hillary Clinton, regarding cryptocurrencies threatening the dollar, but HIVE doesn't give a fuck about that. Hive is of a different breed.

HIVE is already a billion dollar crypto project, or should I say Hive has finally entered the billion dollar blockchains club. It was about time, right? Hell yeah...

I'm honestly not expecting this pump to last for long as the Koreans seem to be behind it, but some bulbs out there have started blinking and before you know if, we're gonna have a new type of money being poured onto Hive. Investors type of money. That could happen too, it's not necessarily that a dump should follow the pump.

"Southpark says", in one of their episodes, Bitcoin will be the only currency accepted in the world by 2061, but I'd say HBD will, because HBD is the total opposite of the dollar and most of the native currencies around the world, also better positioned as an exchange currency than the big daddy. Governments are fearful towards crypto, IMF is fearful towards crypto, and that's a good thing.

Because, despite "the abnormal" moves in the market, there's going to be a lot of retail FOMO sooner than we expect. The way the whole system works right now, mostly against us rather than supporting our good and liberties, is going to turn people towards crypto. Elites are doing almost every thing in plain sight right now... they started to become aggressive.

Hive is a manifesto.

It's the total opposite of Facebook, twitter, youtube and almost any other centralized social media app out there, that is controlled by the elites and the development is far from peaking. Who knows how this thing will look like in 10 years from now...

Still undervalued. Yes, despite touching $4-$5, or whatever the token has reached lately as ATH, it's undervalued and under the radar. Not even on trend searches on coingecko yet. No famous youtuber mentioning about it, or using threespeak to post his content on a decentralized blockchain, no one but us bragging about it.

Hence, $3 might be just the warm up for HIVE and in this regard. I remember of Elrond(EGLD), which was just a few dollars a year ago and now it's $500 thanks to the development it's benefited from. Why wouldn't HIVE do that too, it has the pedigree.

But sir, aren't the Koreans pumping the price lately? Yes, according to the volume on these moves, but who's there to guarantee they're gonna dump?... They will probably do that, but they might be incentivized to participate in airdrops as well. Hive is becoming a money making machine. Any comparison with Steem right now is futile, though.

Long story short, governments don't have much time left to regulate crypto, as Hillary would love to, and even if they try, it's hard to catch up. As @taskmaster4450 said once: they can't regulate at the pace we can develop. Good luck, Hillary, trying to save the dollar's ass and fight Bitcoin. You'll probably have as much luck as Erdogan did.

I'm happy to see HIVE doing its thing, though, hope EVERYBODY on this chain will reach financial abundance thanks to Hive, but lets not forget that first and foremost Hive is a manifesto. Sun got fingered by Hive, though...

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