World Economic Forum "Loves Bitcoin"

What would be the best words to describe BlackRock? Well, an unelected, undesired organization hated by millions across the globe for trying to shape our future is probably a description that does not give WEF the proper credit. WEF is the epitome of lies, manipulation, and hypocrisy.

The WEF sent a message to the masses a while back according to which by 2030 we will own nothing and be happy... Well, I got a surprise for these fuckers. By the end of the bull market, I wanna own my own home and will do whatever needs to be done to achieve that.

Anyway... WEF is funded and directed by the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates, and probably BlackRock too. So, what does BlackRock and the WEF have in common that I decided to dedicate them a whole post today? Well, a short clip came out recently from the official account of WEF which was spread across all social media networks that made waves across the crypto community.

The World Economic Forum says bitcoin mining with clean energy helps fund Africa’s oldest national park and protect endangered animals. No kidding... Why would the organization that wishes total slavery and control over us promote "the currency of the people"? Bitcoin still is the currency of the people, right?

Well, yes and no. To some extent, it was designed to serve such a purpose, a borderless peer-to-peer decentralized currency, but 14 years after its inception it is gradually transferred from the hands of retail users and investors into the hands of the likes of BlackRock, MicroStrategy, and other large companies that are buying Bitcoin lately like there's no tomorrow.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock warned us about crypto becoming a flight to safety, right before their spot ETF got approved but who was there to listen... So, what's with this "Bitcoin ad" coming from WEF?

Well, it seems that in 2020 somewhere in Africa, a Bitcoin mining facility that uses electricity produced by a water dam was erected and since then the mining farm has produced Bitcoin that has been used for preserving the wildlife in that part of Africa and for creating jobs, and so on and so forth. At current prices, the facility is producing $150,000 worth of Bitcoin every month which is neat, in my opinion...

Some critics say that the electricity could be used to serve other purposes but WEF is pushing the narrative that mining Bitcoin is good for the environment based on the data that I shared with you guys in the paragraph from above. Let me state that again...

"Mining Bitcoin is good for the environment"... What the fuck... I thought it was bad... Elon Musk said it was bad, and pretty much every celebrity in the establishment said the same thing. Now what? Well, the math is pretty simple: BlackRock owns good chunks of shares in pretty much everything you can think of...

It's that big. $10T AUM big. Yes, huge... They for sure have the influence they need over WEF same as they proved to have over the SEC (if it wasn't for BlackRock we would probably still be waiting for ETFs approvals). BlackRock is now making money from Bitcoin through their spot ETFs, a product that is now being sold in Brazil as well. BlackRock needs high-level top-notch advertising for Bitcoin and it is getting it.

But no, WEF does not love Bitcoin and does not "truly believe" Bitcoin is good for us or the monkeys and rhinos in Africa. It's a puppet and the big puppeteer just ordered it to talk nice of Bitcoin. There you have it folks, we are witnessing probably the biggest bull market in Bitcoin's history, courtesy of BlackRock.

Are you not entertained?

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