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When Will They Wake Up?...

Bitcoin is currently fighting to reclaim the 13th place on the "world currencies" chart once again and plebs are still sleeping on it...

I just checked the trends on google for the search term "Bitcoin" and as you can see, it's low low low low... That says one thing to me: retail is sleeping on it.

Such charts, along with the bitcoin fear and greed index, are the ones that are offering me mid term perspective. I am not into TA, but I believe data, especially on-chain data, can help one "frame Bitcoin's" path.

The total market capitalization for crypto is bubbling though, so who's actually buying at these price levels? My bet is that financial institutions are loading heavily on BTC, ETH, LTC, SOL and other "heavy ones" while plebs are into SHIB, DOGE and whatever...

I have missed my chance of buying myself a whole Bitcoin, I actually had two, because I was fearful enough by the pandemic to let that chance slip, offered by the market in March, 2020 and I didn't had the balls to push the buy button back in September 2017 either. Will Bitcoin ever get under $5000? I am 100% it will never happen.

Some are expecting it to fall from the sky to as low as $10,000-20,000 once the bubble bursts for this cycle, but I don't think that will happen. There's a lot of institutional money and whales hedging against inflation through Bitcoin, thus they won't move much of it onto exchanges even if it gets to $200,000.

Does the dollar or other currency look like being in the position of performing better, in terms of storing value than Bitcoin is, for the next decade or so? I doubt that... If lets say whale X, or institutional fund Y sells at $200,000, some portion of the portfolio, what are the chances they'll wait to buy back all the way down to $20,000...

What if $20,000 never comes? That's probably the question on the table for these large players as well. You see, we have nations adopting it, politicians opting for getting paid in Bitcoin and investing funds finally seeing it as a hedge against inflation.

What's the point of a harsh bear market though, or how do you "create it"?...

I bet most of the retail will dump everything in the following months. It's life changing money that's to be made in the near future and it's more than tempting to take some profits. I don't see OGs like @onealfa for example, who's into Bitcoin since 2013 selling any...

Cycles patterns are no longer standing imo... We have entered a new era in crypto and it's such a pity not much retail is taking part in it. They often times wait for confirmation from the outside, from the media, the JP Morgans, Elon Musks and whoever they feel like listening to.

I am far from becoming a millionaire, but I feel so lucky of being involved in crypto, as I currently am right now. I haven't had the chance to learn about crypto in 2013-2015, but I still consider we're quite early with the industry.

Bitcoin is no longer an asset for the average, but that doesn't mean we can't part take it or get involved in this space. Have a great day/evening and see you to the next one.

Thanks for attention,

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