When HODLing makes sense... for me

When HODLing makes sense... for me

If the 2017 bull market, the bear one that followed it, and the beginning of this current bull market has taught me anything, is that HODLing really has its highly valuable meaning, and it's mandatory to use it properly to make the most out of your investment. Sometimes though holding to your dear life on some crypto assets might get you into watching potential profits evaporate before your eyes... and staying poor.

I am holding crypto for almost three years now, and although I have diversified my portfolio multiple times I still haven't exited the space into fiat entirely, and won't do that this year for sure. I'll probably start selling small portions every few months starting next year. Don't want to miss potential financial opportunities, but don't want to get out too soon either.

My intuition tells me that the history will indeed repeat itself and the previous Bitcoin halving has triggered another major bull run. It's just that we're a few months after the 2020 halving and we've only seen minor price appreciations, however it is worth noticing that BTC has held gloriously the $10,000 level for 4 months in a row, and that's probably the first time in history, while major institutions like Square and Grayscale are accumulating even at these levels.

Signs that smart money are indeed smart and that they expect the price to considerably appreciate waiting to properly sell their bags to dumb money, once those are woken by the media and start FOMOing into the market. FOMO, another crypto related term that I learned since late 2017 and still using. Without exaggerating I do consider that at this point, on a one to two years time frame, I consider Bitcoin and some other cryptos(not all of them of course) as the most valuable assets... that I am aware of.

I doubt real estate or any other types of assets will appreciate on the level Bitcoin will. Of course, being all in into crypto, I might be biased towards such affirmations and it's just time that will prove whether I'm wrong or not. I don't own BTC, but I do own other cryptos though, and although I'm not selling anything from my long term portfolio yet, I am cashing out crypto every now and then.

Yes, I am cashing out HIVE, done that with STEEM too, and will probably do the same with LEO, and I don't regret doing that. I am aware that prices of these tokens might appreciate as well at pretty much the same pace as BTC, but I still feel like giving these cryptos a use case, a real world one. They're earned through my online content and once in a while selling some makes possible paying some bills or buying myself stuff with that cash. It gives my blogging activity a purpose and makes me push forward.

I'm not that type of a kid rushing to the cookie in front of his nose as soon as served, and not having the patience to wait for more to come either. I have patience don't get me wrong, but can't call it my number one virtue. Another reason that makes me spend HIVE is the fact that I can always earn it and add more to my wallet through content creation. It's not like having a limited supply and we're gonna run out of it.

It might get to $1 and once it does that my spent tokens could be worth much more than they're now, but at the same time the bitter taste of seeing its value depreciating from like 80 cents to as low as 11, or the one of STEEM from $7 to ten cents makes me spend some of it once in a while. Maybe I'm wrong... and I should HODL it, but my animal instinct has won this battle for now. That instinct though hasn't got to my main portfolio, although I was thinking a few times to fuck it and buy myself a decent car. Will probably be able to buy much more than a car if having patience and this mindset has made me HODL for that long.

By the way, don't know if you have noticed or not, but Binance has disabled its HIVE deposits and withdrawals for some time now... What alternative do you have for trading HIVE besides it and ionomy?

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