What Just a Few are Stacking These Days

What Just a Few are Stacking These Days

Cororna virus has gone beyond being just a flu virus that's been around, and causing some 7-15% of all flu deaths every year, to become a true pandemic, an economy killer and mind twisting virus, if you pay too much attention to the news, facebook and other social medias, where basically no one is giving advice.

My TV is just some part of the furniture after my parents moved, and left me the chief of their house, and I confess not watching TV for years... I guess it's almost fifteen years since I ditched television programming and am happy about that. Why you think it's called "television programming"...

I still have friends though that are watching it, people that have and use facebook and are active in the realm of this pandemic, getting details and facts, manipulated or not, and some getting more paranoid than they should be. Cautiousness is one thing and panic, which is what I see mostly these days, is another thing.

Panic, is what the media and the ones behind it are intending to serve to its consumers every day and not what they should be serving. Not even world leaders don't seem to point towards this thing, and they seem somehow to be taking us away from it, by hiding us from the sun, and that's a strong immune system booster.

In almost any case of disease the immune system plays a highly important part in recovery or simply preventing that disease to install its ass in your ass, but who's talking about that these days, and how many of us are working towards building a strong immune system... Not too many I would say.

Helping your immune system get stronger and help you fight diseases, and why not Corona virus as well if it might be the case, should be an important fight these days, and not the one over toilet paper and wheat, because if you have a weak one and you get in touch with Corona you're gonna shit your pants with all the toilet paper, wheat and beans cans in the world, and then you'll see what you should have stacked more.

I'm no diet expert or a doctor, but google is still open to everybody, although it tracks your ass 24/7 if you use it, and it's quite easy to work on your immune system if you spend a few minutes digging the giant data base. Hence here is what I found as being quite essential in boosting your immune system.

Sleep should definitely not be overlooked, and considering that most of us are staying inside this time around that should not be a problem, but smoking can kill and will weaken your immune system as well. Vitamin A, C and D on the contrary, will come at hand, but from what I know you can only take Vitamin D from the sun thus staying too much inside won't make anyone a God against diseases and especially corona.

It's also advised to work out a bit but, not too much, however you should avoid at any cost stress, so turn that fucking TV off, or at least switch to some funny videos, or something that will elevate your mood instead of wrecking it and make you wonder, ponder, and worry for the future. From my occasional and accidental encounters with the media lately all I noticed as prevailing advertising is pharmaceutical shit... and big pharma doesn't want you healthy because it will go bankrupt.

Media being paid, through advertising by the big pharma, it means that you'll never see anyone advertising oranges, fresh air and sun, a stress free life and an active one, to keep you in shape. On the opposite, there is a pill that will help you, and the best pill served right now by the world leaders is to keep us inside and track us so they know whenever we get out and trespass the rules and regulations.

Now I am aware that this corona virus is a contagious one and that we should avoid crowds and do as much as possible for not spreading it further more, but it's not the end of the word first of all, and I bet it's not that deadly as they try to make it on TV, and on top of that what's wrong in boosting your immune system anyways, and talking more of that in the media instead of serving us death numbers and parabolas scaring the shit out of us.

I tell you what's the point... You don't get an economy collapse and control the emotions, and ultimately the lives, of the people if you come out with good vibes and motivation. You have to pour in fear and desperation, into their lives, and that's the only reason for this pandemic. Out of fear and desperation you gain control, both economically and mentally, and that's all this thing is all about.

Probably some of you might already consider me a conspirator and a non believer in what seems to be obvious for the majority and I'm fine with that. I always been a contrarian and walked away from crowded places, but years from now, remember what you were left with after this pandemic. How much did it affect your health and how much did it affect your economy and freedom. Stay safe and stack some vitamins and whatever else is making your immune system stronger and stay away from any TV... cuz it will fuck you up. They're programming you through tele vision...

Thanks for attention,


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