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UBI is Just a Slavery Hook and The Bait Doesn't Pay The Price of Taking The Bite

Universal basic income is crap. Talks have been running around for some years about a universal basic income and some countries have even tested this idea to see how their citizens would react to it, if there's demand for it and so on. I'd say it once again, I believe this UBI is crap and it will do more harm to humanity that it does good.

The idea of an UBI is more and more pushed forward during the current times because of the planned covid pandemic which forces many businesses to close, mostly from the hospitality sector, and leaves millions of people all around the world unemployed, struggling to survive.

Somehow the stimulus checks that the Americans are receiving for a while, which are peanuts money for the costs of living in the US, are also testing how an UBI would work. Meanwhile a few hundred Americans are owning over 4 trillion dollars in net worth while 200 million of them wouldn't afford an unexpected $1,000 expense.

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Where did this UBI came from and what it aims at?

If you have 50 minutes to dedicate watching this video you will find out that there were talks about this UBI concept for years before the pandemic begun. Now it seems that the world is just getting through a pilot test of what's to come, the fourth industrial revolution, and UBI is a must for it to succeed.

Technology has evolved a whole lot in the last few decades and gradually the need of large companies to use human labor is becoming less profitable and less productive. Robots can do better, faster and safer, while humans can simply... stay home, get UBI and play video games or waste time on social media.

"The robotic packing system would replace 24 workers in facilities that average around 2,000 workers, according to a Reuters report." That's a 2019 report and my take is that the preparations to replace human labor with the robotic one is spinning its wheels at a fast pace increasing the metal workforce percentage with every passing year.

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People like Jeff Bezos and other billionaires don't give a shit about their employees. Most of the oligarchs of this world are doing the same, Bill Gates included. All they care is increasing their wealth, gaining more power and control over people, widening the gap between the rich and the poor while the middle class is obliviated.

Wealthy people can't be controlled, hence the society needs to be pushed towards a bare minimum general life style, destroying the ownership of everything, getting everything into being autonomous and robotic replacing human labor with robots, robots that will be taxed as well and that's a topic for a future post, throwing an under the minimum wage UBI at the masses, controlling every penny they got through digital currencies being used instead of cash OR cryptocurrencies, surveilling them by any means, keep them disconnected from what once defined us as humanity and connect them to gadgets and the internet of things.

The idea of accepting an UBI by humanity, as a world wide community, basically means signing an agreement for slavery. UBI cuts forever any cord of financial prosperity and material prospects for life. Once exchanging one's salary and potential of earning for UBI and leaving the job to a robot, it's total slavery, and there's no turning back. They won't "fire robots" to get humans back no matter how many protests will come afterwards.

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Yes, some branches connected to this digital world and online work will definitely soar, but how many of the ones that will be replaced by robots and served an UBI are able and have the skills to become software developers, designers, or whatever... How many know how to earn crypto, trade it, invest in it and make a living out of that so they won't need their factory or delivery job anymore. Too few I'd say. Most of them won't do to well in this transition and most of what we called until a year ago as the free humanity will end up in slavery once the UBI will be widely accepted and encouraged and humans won't be the spinning wheels of the society anymore.

That won't happen in a year or two from now, but there are voices claiming that in ten years from now there will be drones delivering packages, robots working in factories and warehouses, autonomous vehicles not own by individuals anymore carrying us around and AI thinking for us while the majority of us will live on a bare minimum in the form of an UBI.

I honestly don't like this UBI thing. I'm a simple minded man, I love tech, but I believe in humanity and in the right of being human and have access to prosperity and property, wealth, work, do businesses and live free. And to me this UBI forcing the majority of people to live on a standard not allowing them to own anything and to own more, to have the opportunity to earn more, to motivate them to wake up in the morning ang get moving, to make them socialize and grant them financial freedom and privacy doesn't sound good.

I'm afraid of this great reset that this pandemic is pushing forward, I don't believe in benevolent billionaires finding solutions for problems that haven't existed, while they're increasing the gap between them and the poor and also destroying the middle class, and the Orwellian state that they try to build. UBI is just a slavery hook and the bait doesn't pay the price of biting it.

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