They Fell Out Of a Tree, Obviously...

They Fell Out Of a Tree, Obviously...

"Another day, another $50,000", is one of my favorite lanes of Jim Carey imitating Jack Nicholson and my line to start pouring words to this post. Yesterday in my photography post I shared with you some autumn leaves carpets that I snapped in the park but that was not all my smartphone camera got for the day.

No sir, I have some more photos to share on this blog and this post is the continuation of the one from yesterday. Why haven't I uploaded everything in just one well wrapped smartphone photography post the other day? Because it would have been unprofessional. The pros share their artwork bit by bit so they can keep you in tension and get the most rewards they can by gradually releasing art work on the blockchain.

Am I a photography pro then? No. I am a thief of ideas, sometimes. I will become a photography pro in a few years for sure because I feel more and more the urge to buy myself a professional camera. I know that it costs more than a smartphone, I know that I will have to learn photography and I know I won't be able to carry it that easy anywhere as with my smartphone but I'm fine with everything above.

Till then, here you have my second set of pics from my yesterday walk. Hope you will like them because I don't have others and today is cloudy so no new ones for sure. I have enjoy a lot the colors of this autumn and observing how they change day by day was my spiritual practice. Wow...I'm a spiritual person. It's amazing how much the nature can transform in 72 hours. If we could as well transform ourselves that easy...






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