The Pseudo Science Portal... Evaporated

The Pseudo Science Portal... Evaporated

Steem is on a rise and nobody can stop it, I guess nobody even wants that to happen. Price wise it spiked quite fast from .22 to .26, over the night, and I can only imagine how it will fly from $1 towards the open sky. Along with the price it's traffic that is increasing as well on the platform, and that's a good thing. New people arrive, old users suddenly remember that they have a Steem account, and the others that kept the platform alive through bear territories still doing their shit.

On the third regiment troops I will talk a bit more in my next post, but I want to dedicate almost the entire post now, to the suddenly woken sleeping steemians. I remember them, some, not all, and I remember them good. Chances are that you might be older than me in here and you can recall those times better, but here's what I see completely changed for them these days.

Back in 2017-2018 Steem was gradually becoming an online encyclopedia where smart milking steemians were absolute geniuses that had a post for anything. If you wanted to score great at an interview they had a post for that, if you wanted to travel but you didn't know where there were tons of guides with the cheapest places, the most luxurious ones, and the most hidden gems.

There were basically tons of rewritten articles from the data pool of the giant old mighty google and served on the blockchain to make a buck or two. And quite a few were profiting well from this type of blogging, but that didn't held any value in it, and it was definitely unsustainable. It was a movement that I fed myself with as well, for two or three posts, but happy to have spit it back to its creators.

I even dedicated a post to it and argument why I considered it grey plagiarism but I don't remember the title to link it, that long ago it was. The euphoria that a bull market brings with it can twist people's minds in ways that you can't imagine. However there were buyers to such material and I was amazed to see how well some were living out of such type of posting. Unfortunately the pseudo scientists that had the answer for any question, didn't actually profit in any way from Steem, because they never sold what they earned...

Nope, they were too busy creating good quality content to realize that the bubble is milliseconds away from bursting. Being such a proud steemian and waking up these days you're gonna have a shock checking the platform. Your type of guides and natural remedies are almost entirely not a trend anymore. Steem not only has gone through life changing hardforks but I will say a blogging maturation process as well.

I am not stating that blogging is only thing that matters and any other type of post is nullshit. No, I'm not that close minded and I consider that having tens of DApps already created on this blockchain you can find creativity being expressed through many ways, and quality doesn't equal long with many pictures anymore. Not to forget that those guys mentioned above didn't even bother to quote any source inspiration to their plethora of pseudo science. They actually didn't need it, because the bid bots situation was a total chaos and milking was the only thing that matter.

There were bla bla community talks as well, but I didn't felt at all being part of a community that time around. I guess is the bear market that made us a community and hard times took us closely to each other. I don't see any more room for pseudo science on Steem anymore, and if the suddenly woken dormants will try to milk further they will have to rebrand.

Photography is definitely a thing and I'd rather see tons of such posts on Steem instead of rewritten articles, and they can also get involved in challenges, which is why I wanted to dive in more later. If they don't have the inspiration to create original content sir, don't have a passion for photography and they can't earn much from curating, then they can blog on what trends others are creating. Nobody will starve for sure.

Not judging anyone in here, but I am more than happy to see that we don't have tons of rewritten news anymore and grey plagiarism filling the blockchain. Well... some are still rewriting news, like we can't read them from cointelegraph, coindesk and so on, but they're highly reputable folks, with the jerking circle already created and plenty of SP to downvote the shit out of me if I'm saying any name.

Welcome back folks, is all I can say to you, and hope you've learned your lesson. Close the door on your way out when Steem will enter a bear market again.

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