The Orwellian Side of Corona Virus

The Orwellian Side of Corona Virus


If I were to describe the current world's situation right now I would only use three letters, and nothing more. These are FUD, because that's what I see all around us nowadays, both on and off line, and everything seems so orchestrated and so precisely being played out that I regret not reading George Orwell's books years ago.

I mean, I read so much bullshit but missed these important ones. The narrative of the Orwellian state is around for decades and when the world first got it I guess it was hard to digest because at that time there weren't the means to make it happen, but decades after, it makes so much sense and you can easily see how it's being played out.

I was scrolling through my tweeter feed a few minutes ago and my eyes stopped upon this tweet and I couldn't believe was I was reading. It's happening in Israel from what the entire tweet says and it seems that in order to combat the spread of the COVID-19, gatherings of over 12 are discouraged and you can't actually trick that. I get the point and the long term plan behind it as well.

Because you have a phone in your pocket that is constantly searching for the best signal and it's constantly sending data back and forth, the government can track your ass non stop, and so you can't say you weren't at a gathering last night either. For the moment it makes sense to stay away from such meetings, but what guarantees we have that the tracking won't continue after the pandemic is over. When was a similar procedure enforced during such a crisis and got abolished afterwards?!

Yes, you can leave your smartphone home and gather with who ever you like, without signaling the government, but who does that? Who leaves his/her phone at home or on airplane mode these days... You have to stay connected and in touch.

This endless connection though seems to be playing against you, privacy wise, and I guess that's no taboo anymore, but who gives a damn... Too few unfortunately. Now, I don't believe that this virus is just a man made pandemic and that is not real, but I also believe that is no more than just a flu as many others, and here you have a short video to back my words. It's been around for longer than it's been mentioned.

What I feel like is happening right now, using this virus as a catalyst, is to enforce laws that would shrink our privacy even more, and by doing that, they need panic, they need fear, crisis, despair, basic needs being threatened, the life itself being threaten and so on. You can't come with a directive of tracking people, like Israel seems to be doing, as of this tweet claims, when everything's fine and at peace. It never worked this way.

People wouldn't accept that in normal life conditions, but during crisis and fearful times you can enforce pretty much everything, and the ones that live or lived in the US probably know the differences in checkups at airports before and after 9/11, which is another inside job that not too many talk about anymore.

What is there to be accomplished by, lets say governments, from this Corona virus pandemic? Well, the way I see it till date, a higher control over the population and their resources. Afterwards there will come the control over one's finances, burning the cash out due to its high risk of contamination and spreading the virus, or other future potential viruses, and going all in with mobile payments, basically saying bye bye to cash and the privacy that it offers... All in the name of protecting the citizen.

I forgot about crashing markets and buying almost anything at a discount, when there's blood on the streets in desperation times, and that's somehow the cherry on the pie, but not to be overlooked either.

However, gaining control over a device that we all carry on ourselves 24/7, and its data constantly being sent back and forth, and having access to one's finances by the dime, you can't call that privacy anymore. Add some cameras spying at any street corner, Alexa or Siri listening even when not invited, and social media platform that invite you to share every detail of your life, that you can hardly refuse, and no one is a mystery anymore.

I guess Rome wasn't built in one day, although they say it was burned in just one, and probably this master plan of gaining that much control over the population, in an Orwellian predicted manner, wasn't a short term work either, but it's happening and it's right before our eyes, at least the ones opened towards it, and not the news that remind me of the H1N1 pandemic.

I am somehow convinced that the Corona virus is some sort of flu that should by all means be avoided, and I would highly encourage you to watch that ten minute video that I linked in the fifth paragraph to understand it better, but I am also convinced, by witnessing what happens around, of the hidden agenda behind this virus pandemic. It's a well played card, an old one, and it's not all about saving lives and protecting us...

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