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The Everything Season, "Paper Targets" Edition...

Bitcoin has claimed a new ATH, while I was sleeping and it looks like everything season, even for dinosaurs alts like LTC and ADA. No, LTC and ADA are not yet in the position of scoring new ATHs, but they've had their decent pumps lately.

Litecoin for example hasn't even reached its previous ATH of $410, but it might get to $4,000 by EOC according to @edicted forecast/prediction and that would be awesome. My father owns 2 LTC, that I am in custody of and would be happy for him to almost 20x his crypto invested money.

Cardano is close, though, to reaching its past ATH of around $3 and fingers are crossed for a $30 ADA for this cycle. I own some of this shitcoin and would love a 10x minimum on my money as well. It's not just those two that have seen a decent price appreciation on their asses.

Every here and there you have certain coins that have their rallies. That's everything season, right?...

Well, for someone that is not into Bitcoin or any of the famous ones, such as SOL or EGLD, that have crushed most of the expectations so far, feels uplifting to know that your "shicoin" is going to have its rally too. Pretty much like it happened in 2017, if we shall replicate that cycle.

I always come back to XLM when thinking of 2017, because I owned a ton of XLM when it was $0.05 and I couldn't even imagine back then, that Stellar Lumens, which is pretty much a replica of Ripple will push as high as $0.90 as an ATH. That's a lot of Xs over there, for someone who bought in early 2017.

You have to think big though.

Was talking to a friend of mine the other day who's invested in crypto quite recently and he's all in DOT. I don't know why, but new meat to the market loves getting all in on some coin. I used to be the same. He was having good time the past week when DOT was pumping, but now that it kind of stopped he's worried.

He already considers changing position with other more promising one. Sounds familiar? I was there to... I know exactly that feeling. You know what else I know exactly? How to have low expectations and paper targets.

When you first get into crypto, and not lucky enough to buy a booming one, you set yourself some targets, insane ones, but these targets are not achieved in the time frame you've nailed them and you start lowering your goals then, sell everything too early and watch the market boom from the sidelines.

I honestly have quite insane targets on my coins, because I know what happened in 2017. I don't see why ADA wouldn't get to $100 or LINK to $500 this cycle/bull run, but that doesn't mean I won't sell any until those targets are reached.

I'd probably DCA ADA all the way up, from $30 to $100. But my targets are there. I am in crypto for big money, but not willing to repeat my 2017 major mistake of holding bags all the way down. Managing risk is highly important. Some of the coins for example, like the powered up LEO or a bunch of LINK or XTZ won't even hit the market from my side.

I really don't know what's going to happen for the next one-two years, thus I can't afford to be underexposed. I will take profits off the table, but I'm open to more than one scenario on what's to come in the next few months. My gut feeling tells me that everything we know and experienced so far is going to be blown away...

I don't have a crystal ball to know how exactly everything's going to unfold. Neither do I have "paper targets" on my portfolio...

Thanks for attention,

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