The Common Sense Class

The Common Sense Class

When I was a kid, about ten or twelve years old, my mother bought me a good manners guide, some 40 pages or so written to be accessible to any eye, and filled with drawings, to be able to teach the young and the old how to behave in a good manner. I don't remember much of the teachings in that book, but I do remember that men should salute firts to a woman, that you have to say hi first to older folks as well, and that's rude to interrupt a conversation and be noisy.

It was a thin manual that one could read in less than a day, and even learn something from it. Nowadays, I haven't seen too many such books in the shelves of book stores anymore, and neither have I seen them in online stores. I guess they don't publish them anymore. Probably due to over-mannered peeps or to the deemed situation of common sense, as a whole.

I don't live in the most civilized country and what I am about to rant about in this post might be typical just for this part of the world, but that doesn't mean we don't need help, and the ones that need it the more are kids. Yes, I read that manual when I was a kid and consider that most of the habits, good or bad, are rooted in childhood. Moreover I would make a common sense class for children between the age of seven and twelve years old, to teach them manners. Does it sounds too much? Maybe, but rehearsals often consolidate habits and are strong ingredients for healthy ones.

I would teach kids not to be loud especially in public, first of all, because in my opinion the new generation is too loud and having these mobile speakers at hand screaming shitty rap makes things even worse. I would demonstrate practically that noise affects them and us, and would somehow open their fresh raw minds towards appreciating silence and the common sense of respecting it.

Next I would teach them that cussing is not appropriate for children, and not suited for public use at all. If they would feel like doing that, after eighteen years old, than let it be, sometimes cussing helps clearing ones mind and blocks stacking frustrations over years. You gotta say fuck off once in a while, otherwise you risk getting a stroke :). Using such language from an early age won't make you a great voice in the world, and will even create repulsion towards you. I know that from my own experience.

I would also teach kids to not be rude towards older people, because they will get old at some point as well, and old people suck, but still... They can at least ignore them instead of being rude and give rude answers when annoyed... I am amazed of how much temperament kids have nowadays and how strong personalities they've built in such a few years of living on this planet. We were different back then and wouldn't act the way they do towards elderly people...

And yeah, not to forget alcohol, as it seems to come into kids lives like a magnet earlier and earlier than previous generations. I was watching today from my window, some youngsters, about 10-15 of them, with ages between 13 and 16 years I guess, drinking beer at about 12:00 AM and smoking. All of them being part of the Kayak - Canoe sports club that we have in town. What type of performance will they have in that sport by smoking and drinking, I can hardly imagine. One thing is sure though. Common sense they were lacking big times...

They were drinking, not quite in sight, but publicly enough, smoking, playing those shitty loud speakers and getting noisy as well. The perfect students for a common sense class, but there isn't any in the public school. No, we have tons of math classes, physics, and history, but no time for common sense. It wouldn't even need a one day a week time frame, it could be a once a month class, and there would always be new topics to discuss about.

Having such lectures, if I may call them as such, would definitely help the young generations behave, as they seem very disoriented, vulgar, and aggressive. It's probably the shitty music that they listen to, affecting their little brains, without their consent. Once the general public notices such flaws and thinks for the future solutions, they can be found. Teachers are probably too busy nowadays to just teach and go. There's too much, generally tech stuff, sucking our attention daily that we don't even notice the lack of common sense in our youth...

I wouldn't be bothered to teach such a class though, if I get the opportunity, but does the society want to see the need for such a thing...? I doubt, otherwise there would definitely be one, because we need it.

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