The Basket's Dilemma

The Basket's Dilemma

This unforeseen maintenance session of Binance of today got me thinking, and not just regarding of holding cryptos entirely to a wallet and no longer on any exchanges. It really sucks to not be able to trade, deposit or withdraw cryptos at any time. Regarding trading I suck big times, so I don't have much to talk about that or wine, but come on Binance, right when I wanted to sell.

Sitting in front of my laptop confronting with this situation I quickly found another flaw in my approach towards crypto and that's the lack of diversification. I'm pretty much all-in most of the time, and this, narrows a lot the chances to be on one of the few cryptos that might pump very hard in the near future, and not have to wait till the end of the bull market to have a pumpkin pie slice.

I am having this attitude because I almost always looked into the project before buying its crypto to hold long term, and still haven't found the perfect one. I guess it doesn't even exist. I thought I found them, a few weeks-months ago, when I decided that STEEM and BAT are my lucky ones, both having great projects and a bag full or perspectives, but then Justin came and fucked up my vision.

I don't know if STEEM will be ruined by Sun, because I don't believe that's what he bought it for, but I still feel a lot of uncertainty around the blockchain, and its performance on the market. My heart wishes the best and refuses to believe that it will ever get to haejin's predictions, but there is something that's poking me every time I look long term at it. I really hope these are just fake pokes and STEEM will not burn in hell.

On the other hand, all I'm left with, as indestructible crypto projects worth holding, is BAT. I am using the Brave browser, both on my laptop and mobile, for more than a year, and it's almost anything you'd want from a browser. Fast, add free if you want it to be, rewarding for your attention, if you don't mind commercials, and reliable. It's really my best option, but I still feel like I need some more diversification, when it comes to crypto portfolio.

I was betting on BAT and STEEM for this bull market, but my faith in STEEM has been shaken a lot. Now I don't want to repeat myself over and over again about what I'm afraid of when it comes to STEEM loosing a lot of value on the market, but the thing is that I am left clearly with only BAT that I am confident through the roof, for its good performance in the year/s to come. I still feel like diversifying though, but don't want a coin that's already too pumped in the last months.

Hence, still being an active blogger, and having quite a few people, that hopefully still follow me and read my posts, came with the idea to ask you, of some good gems. What are you invested in, and which are your best choices for this bull market? If you don't feel like spoofing your luck by revealing them I would highly appreciate some suggestions. I know that Binance just had its thing today, but I would prefer these coins to be supported over there.

I haven't used other exchange for years and would appreciate a lot to look into some Binance supported good crypto opportunities. I have been playing the one basket for all eggs game for quite some time and feel like diversification would be more profitable this year and the next to come.

I hope to find some good ones in the days to come because my gut feeling tells me the correction is close to an end and the next leg up is in works, and would really appreciate some suggestions from you. I don't know if this year would be a 2017 replica, although I sure wish it will, but I hope to take some profits in 2020, or at least my initial investment out of the market. It would mean a lot. I'm in it for the money after all, and probably so do you.

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