The 2.5 Buried BTC

The 2.5 Buried BTC

Just a few hours ago I wrote that BTC is hours if not minutes away from piercing through the $12,000 resistance level and how wrong was I... It seems that there's a CME gap that needs to be filled, according to some better crypto enthusiasts than me. Hence we might revisit these levels before CME allows BTC to continue its path...

That might happen, or not, but whether BTC will revisit $10,000 in the next days to weeks, or push forward towards $20,000, it doesn't matter that much to the majority inhabiting this planet, including most of my acquaintances. According to a report made in 2017 about 27% of Europeans own some sort of crypto and that number has for sure changed since the great parabolic spike we've had three years ago.

In my little town though there are just a handful of them owning such assets, or internet points how I like to call them sometimes, and yours truly is one of them. I've talked to almost everyone that I know about crypto, Bitcoin and Hive, but honestly my persuasion skills are not that strong and that's probably why the town is still poor :).

I was discussing with a friend of mine today, who has way more money than I do, and he said that he was disappointed for having investing $17,000 in a piece of land that he purchased in spring, and that he feels that it might just transform itself into locked money if he doesn't make anything with it, or sell it for a profit. I talked to him about BTC many times ago, but he never even managed to comprehend the value of it and kind of always refuting it and directly throwing it into the ponzi bin...

Today I mentioned BTC again and I was trying to make him understand how easily he could have made good money by putting his savings into BTC instead of that piece of land, that is quite bad positioned in my opinion and has a poor perspective, at leas the way I see it. Should he have bought $17,000 worth of BTC in spring and he would have had close to 2.5 Bitcoins in a wallet... or two. If he'd done that he would have been that one lucky fellow out of 400,000 to 800,000 folks on this planet that hold over one BTC.

He didn't... Found hard to comprehend and trust the concept, found even harder to explain to his wife that he could put $17,000 into some digital coin called Bitcoin rather than bury that money into the ground and he will definitely still be on the sidelines, whith his unwanted piece of land, when the time will push BTC past $20,000 as well. Even if he'd sell those allegedly bought 2.5 BTC at $10k and not wait for mooning and he'd still be $8,000 on profit. I doubt he'll ever make that much money with that land. Our hometown is not Monaco after all.

It's clear that the masses are still tied to the cash mentality though and I'm not entirely referring to just using cash, but rather to the cash related finance and economies perspectives and visions, and it feels so hard to decouple them and make them grab a piece of the future while cheap. It's up to them though... I was told about BTC,and crypto, when when it was $3,000 and haven't got into it until it almost reached $10,000, so I kind of get them, but that's why we're called dumb money, right...

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