Steemit - How Justin Sun Can Make The Best, or The Worst , Out of His Fresh New Investment

Steemit - How Justin Sun Can Make The Best, or The Worst , Out of His Fresh New Investment

It's just four days since the official announcement regarding the partnership of Tron Foundation and Steemit came out blowing our minds off. It wasn't good news for any of us, but what can you do now. Probably Sun could be better than the dormant Ned, but I don't like both of them so let's move on.

What caused hysteria and panic among us was the statement of Sun regarding a token swap of the Steem token to a new Steem Tron, one that would involve giveaways as well for TRX holders, which was a pump strategy for TRX, and another involuntary act of Sun to turn the Steem community against him. Nobody wants a Steem Tron token and nobody wants such a scenario to become a reality.

What I understood at that time was that the plan consisted in moving the whole blockchain on the Tron one, at least that's what one non technical guy can understand from a transition, and from what you informed the news outlets about. After reading posts from more technical guys on Steem, I realized that you can't simply copy/paste a blockchain on to another and that witnesses play crucial roles nowadays for Steem. The ones that are still awake.

If we, the community, decide that we don't want to have anything to do with Tron or Sun, and we give our votes entirely to the ones that have the tools to make things happen, then a hardfork can leave Sun with his Steemit Inc and 70 million Steem tokens, and do whatever he feels like with them. He can create a Steem Lite version. None of my business.

What concerns me right now is the attitude of Sun that clearly seems not to know what he actually bought from the sneaky, but dumb at the same time Ned, tweeting all sort of shit and deleting it hours after. For a fresh CEO of Steemit, founder of Tron and CEO of BitTorrent, he seems to be acting like a teenager not knowing to whom should he declare his love first, from all of his cute classmates.

Probably, he imagined that he bought the whole Steem blockchain when he took the wheel from Ned and for the first days he went acting according to that scheme, then when he found out that things are not that simple and those motherfuckers that kept Steem alive for years don't embrace the idea of moving camps, he must have decided to simply play the role of the naive CEO and see if he convinces us to move like you do with sheep. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Didn't work. People reacted, plans for preparing a hardfork to take him and Steemit out have been made, and he could be left out pants down quite quick, if he plays the stubborn ass role. Hence the silence and the uncertainty around. Being a businessman, or at least posing as one, he should and could be thinking of a way to make this deal a profitable one, but he can't do that only for himself, because he's not alone in this equation.

Hence, in my opinion, the best option for him and us, would be for Sun to continue as being the CEO of Steemit, don't interfere in the Steem blockchain, and forget about any Steem Tron token, or transitions. The project is full of opportunities and perspectives and he could make tons of money out of Steem, if he plays a clever game. With the funds dedicated to development he can use them as they were planned to be used, and being an influential person, he can advertise Steem more, as we need marketing and advertising, like the whales need the plankton.

Moreover he can also play the good Messiah part and get Steem listed on more exchanges to have even more liquidity. This scenario would really benefit both parties, as it should. This is the best case scenario in my opinion, and a win-win situation. Ned proved to be too lazy and uninterested anymore, especially during the bear market, to do anything for Steem, and this new CEO, has the opportunity to make his investment a profitable one, and give more value to Steem. He really can do that, if he wants...

If he doesn't want that, and keeps on insisting with his crappy dreams of a new Steem Tron token and fulfill his transition, which I have no clue on how he will be able to do, then we're gonna have a riot, and usually riots have consequences. Steem will be forked, we're gonna stay as we were before, without Steemit Inc, and he would end up with what he actually bought. Moreover if he's gonna search for revenge, then both parties will suffer even more.

The most harmful thing that he can do, if a hardfork will become a reality and he'll be stuck over the fence, is to try and destroy Steem, and the simplest way on doing that is to get it delisted from the big exchanges. Currently the top 5 exchanges on trading volume for Steem are guilty for about two million dollars worth of Steem daily transactions out of $2,5 million, and from my knowledge they're all Asian. He's Asian, and has a lot of influence, most of it inherited in my opinion, but he has it. So, in this worst scenario, he can harm Steem if he wants, but he can screw his investment as well, and I doubt he will do that.

Flushing out the toilet about $17 million wouldn't be an option I guess. I know that he paid about $5 million to dine with Warren Buffet but...anyway. In this worst case scenario we, the steemians, not steemitans, will continue playing our game the way we do it for years now, but pretty much for internet points because I doubt Steem would even hold five cents if major exchanges delist us. I doubt that will happen though.

There could be an anarchist's scenario as well, where Sun makes us fork the chain, tries to delist Steem but fails, and we become a hype and the place to be for total freedom of speech, decentralization and milking internet money when comes to turning likes into $. We could even attract more exchanges to have Steem listed and get even more exposure as being the bad boys that stood against centralization and that fight for what they are part of.

The one that I see as the most plausible to become a reality and the most favorable for him and us is to make his best out of his new position as the CEO of Steemit, and don't interfere too much. The blockchain is not flawed, there are plans for SMTs and communities, and things seem to only start to get better. This way he would make the most out of his investment and we would treat him with respect, as the CEO of Steemit.

In my opinion Steem, is a too good project to be screwed, and he should know that. Look at Ned, Justin, and learn from him. Instead of selling some liquid Steem at the top ensuring himself some play money, he held like a fanatic for years, waiting for celestial prices, and ended up selling you 70 million Steem for $17 million. He could have had that at the right time for less than 3.5 million Steem sold. He's a bad manager, don't be like him.

I know $17 million is big money but for the perspective Steem has, and the whole crypto industry currently, when you'll look at it years from now, it will be not that big anymore. Being an entrepreneur, as you like to portray as, I hope you'll be smart enough to do the right thing and pick the best case scenario turning the millions that you invested into billions. The potential is here, and you know that. Don't flush money out the toilet. Be smart, be like Warren, whom you dinned with recently.

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