Steemians, Steemitans and What Comes After

Steemians, Steemitans and What Comes After

The announcement regarding Steem's future hardfork and the new chain called Hive came out a few days ago and now we have a date for it. March 20 is the day that will split Steem into two different blockchains, one supposedly decentralized and the other one a centralized dying chain on which we lived as a virtual community for some years, as Steemians not Steemitans.

I am not that guy when it comes to IT and blockchain technology in particular and I haven't signed up on Steemit for any of this. Yep, not here for the tech. I did that for blogging and cash, I learned how to much as I could on Steemit, and I was highly excited about it right from my introductory post. After facebook and porn it fed me with the most dopamine soup. I was pretty much left with the excitement of rewards after two years of activity because when I started blogging STEEM was over $3 but I was earning shit, and when I started earning STEEM it got on a death spiral.

Others might be more technical than I though, and they should have probably realized years ago that Steem wasn't decentralized, due to Steemit, its stake and influence on the chain, but I guess the milking was good and nobody got bothered about all that. Now that Justin Sun bought Steemit only trying to make a quick buck with its liquid tokens and not to actually get involved in it, the technical ones realized that shit is serious and their stake might become worthless in no time, so they finally acted towards making Steem decentralized...fully.

It's no longer gonna be called Steem, but Hive after the fork, and from what I read we will be able to brag ourselves over a community created on a truly decentralized blockchain. Hurreyy!!! How big will the community still remain after the split? Will see...

Some accounts according to the official post about it will not get the airdropped new tokens and they might not join Hive having their egos crushed, but I guess most of the others will, and I really don't see any point why not. I mean, no one will gonna kick me out of Steem if I use Hive as well, so why not both? Whooo, sacrilege, one could say. Aren't you a decentralized technology enthusiast? Why do you play the two sword game?

Not really, considering the current level of human consciousness, but I don't see any point on why not try it either, and I don't see any point in being on two chains, and off chain with publish0x, at the same time. How? By keeping my Steemit account connected and cross posting on both Hive and Steem, and some of the blogs being shared on publish0x as well. The more the better.

Yes, I mentioned rewards at the beginning of the post and how I mainly got with just the excitement about them so far because I can't say I cashed out some few hundred or thousand dollars out of this platform like others did. I guess I hit the ceiling with my blogging and didn't have a good finance strategy to make that happen. Milking three platforms of three different tokens might finally make my dream come true so not everything's lost yet :))

The only problem, or lets say problems, in the near future is with exchanges listing STEEM and Hive. STEEM for the moment has some decent exchanging volume yet, but if it will turn into a dying project/blockchain I doubt it will survive for years to come from future delistings. On the other hand HIVE is a new blockchain and token, and already has an exchange announcing its listing in a BTC pair, but it's actually some exchange that I haven't ever heard of...

Binance says it will support the hardfork and airdrop but don't know anything about trading pairs and for how long will it support both STEEM and HIVE. I guess it depends on the commission that it will get because nothing's for free. For now, listing situation is quite foggy for both of them, one being a new born decentralized blockchain token and the other a former decentralized dying blockchain it's up to God...

For me it's crystal clear though what I'm going to do, at least short term. I will join Hive, I am though disappointed about Steem's current situation and its almost certain future, and honestly not that excited about the hardfork. My lack of excitement is about taking everything from scratch again, in quite uncertain times, and on top of that, it seems that the hardfork will take with it some flaws that Steem ,as a social media platform had, such as auto votes, self votes...and others. Maybe they're flaws for me, and not for anyone else, but since this is my post I feel like mentioning them.

I realize now that I don't sound too optimistic after all I wrote above with actually no plan in getting anywhere with this post, as everyone else is. I don't get overexcited that easy in general and that reflects in my real life as well as in my blogging profile, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate great things when they happen, despite low levels of excitement. Hence you will see me praise Hive as often as possible when there will be reasons to do that... so don't get me wrong fellows. See you there as well as in here, will keep an eye on Steem for sure, and would highly encourage you to join publish0x as well.

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