Spirulina - The Green "Super Food" You Should Try

Spirulina - The Green "Super Food" You Should Try

Recalling my high-school years, besides parties, nice chicks and great summer vacations I also remember pretty well that during that time my father was a bit obsessed with diet, being a vegetarian at that time, studying Ayurveda and bothering me with his discoveries of healing plants and miraculous supplements.

I was more into alcohol and other types of healing therapies at that time, so didn't bothered too much about his knowledge. Some recommendations though are still a trend, even after that many years, and although he's not that much of a fanatic anymore, he's still drinking more natural juices than water, everyday, and has always some sort of supplement that comes at hand.

I guess all of this helps him to some extent for his well being, as he doesn't show his age, and to be honest, his vitality makes mine a joke. Anyway, recently I got a "divine inspiration" by thinking out of a sudden of Spirulina when simply scrolling on twitter. I really have no clue why this plant/algae came to my mind a few days ago, but I couldn't overlook it. Hence I got to the pharmacy and bought myself some 160 tablets that will be enough for a two months cure. Yes you can find it in pharmacies as well.

Cure of what, and why?

I don't know for sure, but after getting hit by this plant thought I checked it on google, although I still remembered some of its benefits from years ago, when I tried it for a while, and haven't found any reason why not take it again. It's been quite a while though since I haven't took any supplements, and my diet over the last months is not ideal at all. Moreover, this miraculous "super food" is pretty cheap, being an algae and quite accessible on the market. It's almost $20 for the 160 tablets that I bought.

According to healthline.com spirulina may be the single most nutritious food on the planet so I'm winning big time if I get the two months with it. Besides tons of vegetable proteins it is supposed to be providing our bodies with copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamins such as B1, B2 and B3.

After looking carefully into its health benefits I already spotted what I'd love to nail after these two months of taking it every day. Having some inflammatory issues for quite a few years, which are working hand in hand with my back problems, I surely wish its anti inflammatory properties to change something for the better, and honestly I wouldn't mind if it can do something about allergic rhinitis as well. My nose would be grateful.

Especially when passing from winter to spring season, and from summer to autumn, these two bother me the most, but even if you don't have any of this conditions you might consider taking some spirulina for a while. It lowers cholesterol levels, the bad one, may reduce blood pressure, and aids in blood sugar control. They say something on the internet with regards of muscle growth as well and that's a welcomed bonus.

Now, I am only experiencing with it for a couple of days, so I can't really put out a full review, but the most obvious effect that I noticed is the energy boost that you get, quite quickly after ingesting the green pill. It's not like coffee but you sure feel like going for jogging or at least increase your walking tempo. Some say that you can even lose some weight by taking this supplement, but I am not into that. I'm perfect the way I am.

Being plant based it means that you don't have side effects for it, as in the case of the most natural supplements, and I guess overdosing will be flushed to the toilet. From my father's experience, that tends to over exaggerate with quantities sometimes, you might experience heat in your body when you get too excited with the dosage, but other than that, it's pretty much safe for anybody.

If you have some serious health conditions it's obvious that you should check your compatibility with spirulina consulting your doctor, but for the majority of the people it can only do good. Some guy on youtube said that the purest you can find is the one originated in Florida, although it is to be found in fresh and salt water in many places on the planet, but I haven't checked mine's provenience.

If you find it as powder there is the option to mix it with salads as well, if you're OK with the taste, but I prefer the tablets. I just take them half an hour before eating and that's it. I just let it feed what it needs to feed and boost what it needs to boost. If you're a vegan or a vegetarian it's highly recommended but, meat eaters are welcomed as well. For the moment I am only two days in, so I will come after about two months with "the full review".

I would highly suggest you to consider it if you're into taking supplements regularly and have any health problem that it might fix, or at least help. If not sure, ask the doc, but be sure he's honest about it. Some just simply refuse to take natural medicine into account.

Eager for more info on it? Here you have it:

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