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"Simon Was First"

The current Facebook app, that most of the internet users in the world are currently tapping on, will for sure become a grannies app in the next few years. A flat app with basic interaction between users is doomed to get rotten at this point. Facebook, the company, has changed its name into Meta, yesterday, as it plans on becoming a Metaverse company.

On that matter it has already announced about a wile ago that it plans on hiring 10,000 people from across Europe and invest over $50,000 million in building their own metaverse, probably the first one out there. It doesn't matter imo, who's first with the metaverse, but who does it better.

About a decade ago, while I was still using the Nokia E72, a friend of mine came to me one day with a Samsung Note smartphone in his hand and said to me that these keypad phones, that I was still using are doomed for extinction. I refused to believe him and was happy with my Nokia... One year later I was owning a touch screen smartphone and never got back to old school phones.

Same will happen with the current social media apps and the way we interact with the internet. Blockchain technology is going to send a lot of our mundane technological stuff into retirement sooner than we think.

So, Facebook is clear now on going full steam on Metaverse... What does that actually mean?

What is the metaverse? It’s a term that many are using to describe the future evolution of the internet, in which the flat apps and websites we use today are gradually replaced by 3D environments and shared spaces, making interactions more immersive in the process.

The metaverse won’t be one thing, but rather a conceptual collection of open worlds and settings joined by interoperable assets and experiences. Collectible NFT assets, for example, could be turned into 3D avatars that owners can bring into all sorts of web spaces, whether it’s for work, play, exercise, or social interactions.

The company is clearly aware of criticisms levied against it over the years in regards to privacy, security, and things like controlling fake news and hate speech. The company has said that it will help build the metaverse “responsibly,” and took time in today’s keynote to highlight its focus on privacy and open collaboration with external creators and firms.

So, the company that is famous all over the world as being one of the most, if not the most censorship non resistant and not giving a fuck about users data, profiting the most out of it, is going to build the metaverse "responsibly"... Who on earth is going to fall for that?

As long as facebook is in control of that data and we don't have a WEB 3.0 type of handling personal data of the users, the metaverse of Facebook is going to be nothing more but a centralized metashit, no matter how much money they will invest in the project.

Facebook, or should I say Meta, is probably having a head start in the metaverses race, if we can call it a race after all, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter who will get there first, it matters who will do it better. I was a facebook user for eight years, before I deleted my account in 2017, and in 2018 I joined Hive.

My first proper social media app has been facebook, but the one that got "all my attention" is Hive, which is a WEB 3.0 blockchain based project. Facebook is history for me, same as their metaverse will be once other ones, build on decentralized blockchains and highly disruptive technology will be created.

The top three apps in the app store in the US are Coinbase, tiktok and, thus isn't it clear what internet users are asking for?... This century is about disruption, lead by brilliant minds who simply had enough of the establishment. Meta might be the first to have a "functional metaverse", but that doesn't mean it's going to be the most used one. Centralization is falling apart, whether we talk of traditional entities or even CEXs.

IBM Simon was the first touch screen phone, but iPhone took the concept over a decade after and done it 100x time better. Being first doesn't grant anything...

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