Proof of Passion

It's said that 70% of the Americans hate their jobs. They don't simply dislike them, but they actually hate what they're doing for a living. Hence we can get to the conclusion that almost three quarters of America is working to make a living and not to fulfill any passion. During this pandemic things have probably gotten even worse.

I bet this situation can apply to almost all of the countries around the world. The only one that I have in mind which would probably not fall into this category would probably be Norway. I lived there for a while and those people are very relaxed and they seem to enjoy life and their jobs more than the rest of us.

I have always appreciated my father for doing almost all of his life what he has loved to do and making a living by putting his passion to work. He was somehow fortunate I'd say, or he just knew better how to chose for himself and making a living out of playing the saxophone hasn't come as a burden at all. For a few years he quit that though, but he still has about 40 years of turning his passion into a living.

It's hard to find jobs that you could like or that you won't end up hating these days, as we're in a full consumerism era and for the sake of numbers and profits, employees almost all over the world are treated like robots and at some point robots will indeed take the place of humans and do the dirty jobs. A new era of abundance, that @taskmaster4450 is mentioning for quite a while, is opening up and that might change a lot the topic I'm discussing here.

The results that teams, devs, coders, content creators, traders and many other that fall into the category of the crypto people, are more like a proof of passion the way I see it, rather than a proof of showing up and moving your hands left and right, smiling and obeying to a bastard of a boss for a monthly paycheck. Things don't work like this in crypto.

I honestly don't see Vitalik Buterin putting any effort into Ethereum because he's paid for that or that someone has employed him to get a job done. No, that man is passionate about what he's doing, same as the ones that are making Hive possible, same as you and me that are content creators on the blockchain, the guys from Elrond, a Romanian project that I admire a lot and CZ himself.

Does that mean that anyone mentioned above is doing voluntary work? Definitely not. Rewards do come in forms of crypto tokens and so on and often times people involved in crypto projects are way better rewarded than the ones working for traditional IT companies and so on. The volatility side of such assets can be brought to discussion as well, but the truth is crypto people are happy people.

I don't blog because I have to, or that someone is making me do it for a promise of a monthly loan. Not at all. I do it because I love it and I've done it when I was merely earning $300 a month from my activity around here. It's become a passion and sometimes passions don't pay too much in the beginning or early stages of monetizing it, or not at all. For the perseverant one, the fruits of his passion will definitely grow and become sweet as hell.

I've been in that category of those 70% of the Americans who hate their jobs for almost my entire life. I can't say I loved anything that I worked so far. I can't blame anyone except myself for that, but that's the harsh truth. I know how those people feel and I would honestly love everyone on earth to monetize their passion as all of us have one. It's such a pity to be living on such a great planet and work something that you hate.

Whatever comes out of crypto, with small exceptions of course, is proof of passion the way I see it. I doubt everyone involved in any such project or involved in any way in this space is doing that as a regular 9 to 5 or it's hating it. If that would be the case I guess that particular person would start looking for alternatives. I'm passionate about what I'm doing, Vitalik surely is to, Nakamoto as well, CZ, Khal(@khaleelkazi) and so on...

Hence we can call this crypto thing as proof of passion. We're that 30% of the rest of the world that do what they love and @nathanmars is making sure to advertise Hive to even more from around the world. I'm passionate about it, what about you?

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