Nothing for sale here

Nothing for sale here

Although BTC is close to its previous ATH, alts are rallying once again like mad racers, and the over all sentiment in crypto is bullish, I see people quite often, here on the block and on twitter, that are already considering selling some of their holdings.

The mirage of getting close to $20,000 per coin for BTC and the juicy gains that some alts are recording lately, seems to be luring people into taking profits. Not judging anything here, everyone shall do as they feel like. It's your portfolio, and if you feel like having some profits or at least getting your investment out... do that.

It's too damn early though. Large financial institutions have just started taping their toes into crypto, BTC proves once and for all that it doesn't give a shit about covid, banks, governments and whatever you may think of. It's poised to rally higher and higher, especially after every halving, and that's what he's doing for the past decade, no matter the external situations.

I truly believe that BTC and the rest of the alts have just started rallying towards future peaks and that the fireworks are scheduled for next fall and that's when we should compare prices with the ones from late 2017. We're still early on, the way I see it, and it would be a pity to dump any coin at this level. Damn it, I've been holding and getting educated, and waiting, and earning for all these years, just to sell ma coinz for pennies?... Fuck NO.

No sir, I'm not doing that. My gut feeling tells me that the real deal hasn't even started and being in crypto right now might be the score of my life... The opportunity of the last decade for me, to say the least.

I'd rather spend all my savings, sell my camera, my car, old stuff that I don't use anymore, I would even get to work just to make it till next fall... but I won't sell a damn coin. I'm too hard tied on this thing and too much of a believer to start dumping this early.

Maybe I'm wrong... but this could be the bet of my life, one that could even get to six figures, or close to that, and I'm willing to take it. I've bared in this for too long to sell so cheap. I know BTC is almost 20,000... but believe me it's cheap, damn cheap. PayPal and Grayscale and others wouldn't buy it if it was spicy, they're not stupid.

Comparing this rally that we currently have with the late 2017 bull run is pointless and those that do that seem to be developing a very short time thinking and also somehow fear of missing profits again... Man, these are not profits, and we're not yet at the penthouse level on the crypto tower of this current cycle. We just conquered a few steps from the ground floor.

Imagine BTC at $100,000 or more, ETH at close to $10,000, LTC to over $1,000, HIVE to at least one buck, LEO conquering at least the levels of STEEM in 2017 and most of the alts blasting to previous ATHs and conquering new highs... imagine that. Now imagine dumping your precious virtual metals for pennies and missing all that meat that waits ahead. Played with my imagination lately both ways and tend to believe I chose the right pill this time.

If not, fuck it... work is always an option and starting from scratch is something I've done several times in my life. Packing my bags and leaving home is nothing unfamiliar. I'm willing to risk though, and feel like holding any token that I got, for at least more six months, is the best decision that I've taken in my entire life.

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