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My Crypto Brain Got Rewired

What times we're living...

I admit I have never imagined we will ever get to an era, on this planet, where life would be so constrictive, despite all this technological progress that the society has benefited from. Communism will look like a comedy in a few years from now, if the course the society is currently on doesn't change.

I don't know if you have read it on the news, but Austria has just imposed a lockdown for unvaccinated people, that meaning the unvaxxed are allowed to jut go to the park for a walk, go to work and buy groceries, and they are not allowed to enter any damn restaurant or live a normal life in any way. What the vaxxed don't know yet, though, is that these measure won't end here...

My father is required to provide a "negative PCR test" every two other days in order to be able to go to work. He's been sent home once for not having his test during a work day and today he got back to work, but he didn't had the result of the test that was supposed to be sent to him via SMS, thus he had to wear a mask and also threatened that he's gonna be fired if he continues this way.

This is an early sign of totalitarian control with these measures. Taking someone's right to work based on a personal medical treatment is outrageous. Now, before jumping at my throat, because you probably believe vaccines have any efficiency, just look around and see how many people that are vaxxed do spread the virus and have suffered from it. The vaccine is no guarantee of anything, then why would it matter that much to make it a permit to freedom?

This is the question many of us should ask. The situation is getting worse as the majority don't rise against these measures. Luckily there's crypto, though... and I'm highly grateful for this thing, I probably become even more grateful the past few months after seeing where the society's heading. I honestly don't know how I would react if any boss would ask me for such tests and green passes to allow me to enter my work place.

Violence is a small word. I'm starting to think more from a crypto perspective towards my parents as well and it's probably the time they buy more of it and it's also the time I should reconsider my plans on spending crypto money in case it moons. I tell you one thing, I'd rather live the frugal life style I currently have, and not buy any goodie at all, although I have plenty of desires, and be able to help my parents than see them forced to get vaxxed while I drive some nice car, or something...

I don't know and I don't care if the vaccines are efficient or harmful, all I know is that the way they're using them is outrageous. We've come to a point where central powers are working on getting even stronger and crypto is probably one of the few tools we have at hand to fight the establishment. I really don't know what would I do if couldn't make a living from crypto.

This thing is making more and more sense these days and it feels like Satoshi has created Bitcoin for exactly the times we're living. It hurts thinking how a person so close to retirement as my father has to be dragged through all these shitty procedures. Hope I'll be of use for them during these times. I don't even care about mooning at this point...

Hope you're having a way better day than mine and see you to the next post.

Thanks for attention,

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