"Monkey Mind" is not selling Travala(AVA). Learn from my rookie mistakes, so you won't make them!

"Monkey Mind" is not selling Travala(AVA). Learn from my rookie mistakes, so you won't make them!

A few days ago I wrote about FOMOing into AVA for the second time, thanks to @empoderat TA and shilling, and I said the second time because prior to that I bought the damn AVA one more time, just to sell it at a loss and run like a coward. Why you might ask...? Thanks to my monkey mind that's thirsty for gains but afraid of risks.

I wasn't even invested bit time in it, not at all. I had $200 worth of it, at the buying time paying 58 cents per token, and when I panic sold it was 51 cents. AVA however reached its current ATH at $2.34 not too long ago, so the potential is there. Fundamentals are also there as the company is some sort of a booking service that allows payments in cryptocurrencies as well, profiting from crypto's potential since its early stages.

I rarely dig into fundamentals to be honest and the only token that made me hold onto it, having great fundamentals but bad price performance, is BAT, thanks to Brave being a great browser. The rest of them I bought on emotions.

Getting back to my story with AVA you should know that after selling it at 51 cents I bought it back at 60, this time with a bit more skin in the game($500)... as I said I FOMOed again. Not too long after that, the history repeats and the price bites a bit of dust again. Mooning is not here for the moment, but the potential is, and if you need TAs to back that statement check @empoderat's TA post on the topic, for fundamentals simply check travala.com and you'll see for yourself that you can pay for accommodation using BTC, ETH, XRP, BAT and many more other.

Who knows... maybe one day HIVE and LEO will be added as well. A bit of hopium never hurt nobody right. For the moment traveling is not in its best shape, but we will get back to normal and so will AVA get back to its ATHs.

That's what my monkey mind did, not to fall from the tree again, when my palms were itching to once again sell, and try some better swing trade. There isn't one yet, and not gonna repeat history. I've done this mistake many times in the past with cryptos. I still remember the end of 2017 and how money flew around me. Not again... I just need the bull market to resume, and maybe AVA will take a step ahead of it.

If you're not already into AVA check it out, it might have already bottomed and you might make some cash during these hard times. Don't be like me, buying BTC at $18,000 and NXT at $1.9. Buy low an sell high and try to learn from others mistakes.

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