Life on Both Sides of The Screen

Life on Both Sides of The Screen

I remember quite vague when I accessed the web for the first time and what was my first search, but I know for sure that all that we call the net today, has expanded immensely. I mean, it's really a world wide web and you kind of need it for almost any daily activity being quite hard to live outside.

You might need emails everyday, you need messaging apps, you need music from spotify for example, if don't have any pirate collections of your own, you need maps to get around unfamiliar places and... you kind of need google at least ten times a day. We've become needy for sure, but do we really need to spy on others lives that much. Or should I say subscribe, rather than spy, because they're inviting us, and we don't enter by force in their homes and bedrooms.

It just popped up on my youtube feed this morning, a video of some body builder filming himself at home, at the gym, eating, talking with his wife and so on and found myself awkward watching him for a few minutes. I guess that if I'd search him for a few minutes on pornhub I might find him there as well, because people nowadays have the urge to share everything everywhere and make a buck or two on the way.

It's like almost no experience, no matter how pleasurable or painful, needs to be recorded, and in the case of the famous figures in the world you can have all of that being uploaded on youtube, daily vloggs, and people watch them continuously. Really... people nowadays have a pleasure of watching other people's lives, and I find that pretty weird.

I mean... I understand watching someone cooking some cake that you need the recipe or simply wish to bake yourself and don't know how, and need some guidance, but following every day of someone's life on a screen, is kinda freaky if you take it out of context. It's become normal though, and such type of vloggers earn quite big money on youtube by filming themselves doing all sort of stuff.

Gamers are quite popular as well. All thanks to unlimited data packages and the apps to serve such purposes. If you ask me, both parties have time to loose on this one. The star that makes the videos is definitely spending quite some time everyday in filming and editing those videos, and preparing them to be shoot, instead of actually living a life, while the consumers are loosing quite a lot of spying on other people.

I couldn't even imagine such situations twenty years ago, when you would only see on TV and in the movies, other people spending their daily lives, and most often in both cases it was all directed. We used our eyes for much more than we do nowadays and it sucks facing such reality. I think we should get out more, and sometimes turn off data. Is there a challenge for that by the way?

24 hours, no internet, life. Doing shit, talking to people, listening to music, jogging, house cleaning, playing with kids, reading, etc etc. Wow, how much is there to be done once you turn that screen off and start actually living. Moreover, what a good life one has, or can have, once it stops looking too much at the others lives on the internet.

It's a trend though and I guess it won't end too soon. Sharing your life on the internet, so others can follow, comment and like your activities. It's probably that's why there's too much depression in the world nowadays. How can you not be depressed when constantly watching some dude driving a Rolls, getting to the gym, wearing expensive clothes and having the perfect wife?

I doubt anyone lives the perfect life, but this type of social media and vlogging makes some look like they have it, while the others watching it are getting frustrated that they don't. I guess I'm spending too much time online as well now realizing all this, and I should probably get out and try some fishing, instead of looking at a screen for hours.

It's warm and sunny, there's almost no wind, and it's Saturday. Maybe I can record some good catch and upload it on youtube so others can watch it...:)) Have fun, enjoy your Saturday and live it to the max!

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