Is Your Country Ready For Bitcoinization?

Is Your Country Ready For Bitcoinization?

El Salvador is the first country in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender and despite the huge steps the president is taking towards "Bitcoinizing the country", seems that there are still plenty of citizens who have no clue how to use it.

There are probably more maxis using Bitcoin over there than locals :D. Anyway, the idea is that, for us being involved in crypto all day everyday, it's quite at hand to transit entirely from the fiat based financial system to the crypto one, but what about the rest of the world.

I'm using crypto on a daily basis, not directly as in El Salvador, but through VISA cards that are using cryptocurrencies by converting them and actually settling my purchases with fiat, but I still use cash. Probably 30% of my monthly spending is done via cash.

There are imo close to 50% of my country's citizens that use more cash than they use debit cards. These ones are probably 99% into using cash and too little inclined towards paying with plastic. I believe rural areas are still rocking most of the businesses in cash. So far no actual sign of our leaders turning this country into a cashless one and that's good imo.

As a nation we are pretty involved in crypto, there are quite a few Romanians active on Hive as well, we have a bunch of functional crypto exchanges, there's Elrond which is a Romanian blockchain project that does really good lately, but Romania is still quite far from adopting crypto "the El Salvador style". I'd love if that would happen, but I doubt the corrupt leaders would accept it.

The young generation is definitely ready for Bitcoinization, it is amazing how many young ones around here own crypto or have some sort of connections with crypto, but we are a country with plenty of elderly as well, that mostly thanks to youth leaving the country to other ones in Europe, in search for a better living .

Over all I don't think my country is ready for Bitcoinization and honestly I don't think El Salvador was either, but it happened anyway. Sometimes you just have to push progress forward... What about you, how ready is your country to follow suit with El Salvador?

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