How Steemit Impacted My Life?! An Accidental Initiative of Justin Sun

How Steemit Impacted My Life?! An Accidental Initiative of Justin Sun

The ones that...still follow me and read my blog posts know that I don't like challenges, writing challenges to be more precise, and that I rather make my own, and encourage others to do the same instead of falling into niches created by others or take part in such challenges just for the sake of rewards. I'm not the type waiting in lines. Not a rant post, so you know it, no black adverting either. Just some Sunday evening freewriting.

It's not that often that I freewrite anymore and I put all the blame on Justin Sun. Ever since this motherfucker came with the announcement of purchasing Steemit I kind of felt into somewhat of writer's quarantine in a world full of pens and paper. Well, if you read my blog for the first time you should know that I'm not part of the writing elite in here, but I still do it because I like it. It clears my mind sometimes, and other times it keeps it a creative way.

Just a few days/weeks before the whole Steem-Steemit saga begun I was really enthusiast about my blogging progress and not one day would pass without some long shit post from me on random topics and I have to admit that I really loved doing that, felt motivated, got some decent engagement and it was something like youthfulness. The thought of an end never occurs. To some extent it never did, but it's haunting my ass and it's painful.

I won't get into details over and over on how I feel this critical point for Steem and Steemit could impact the blockchain, the community and the platform on the long run, because I don't have the energy anymore. If you feel like wasting some time on that check some of my previous posts related to the whole situation. Something did changed though and that's how Justin Sun(Steemit Inc) impacted my life.

No matter what I think of to blog about, other than this whole quite painful situation, seems pointless to dedicate a page to it, useless and quite hard to comprehend. I feel quite ashamed that a few weeks ago I was giving lessons on how to keep your blog alive and to never get to a burnout. Well, I did it myself, and this whole uncertainty that Justin Sun ignited is to be blamed.

Actually, Ned Scott is the bigger jerk in the equation, because he sold something that he promised will never be sold and he did that behind the curtain. You rattle snake...!!! Having this cloud of uncertainty over my head, as I mentioned above, I feel like almost anything that I would blog about would be irrelevant and the trending page is here to strengthen this feeling. Rarely do I see anything other than witness votes, Justin Sun and the past/present and future of Steem related posts getting on there.

I was never a fan of that page but at some point it started to change for the better and one could find great posts there among the usual SBD potatoes and burning posts. I am fully aware though that this is all just a bump on the road. One that broke a tire for me, but not the end of the road definitely. It's time to change the damn wheel and get back on track, and hopefully this post is the last of the hangover time that I got lately.

I admit that uncertainty usually shakes my pace and sometimes puts me on pause, and I've always been that way, but I guess it would be the time to leave all that behind. Lessons are to be learned though from any challenging situation and this one is no exception.

Lesson number one is never take anything for granted and always be prepared for the unpredictable, because life's fool of such, and the other lesson number one is never trust exchanges. If it wasn't for Binance, Poloniex and Huobi all of this wouldn't have happened. At least not the drama around Sun's hardfork. I know that some are filling pages and twitter platform with thank you messages towards them deciding to power down users funds and quit this failed plan of Sun to take over a blockchain, but I won't.

I never shown gratitude to thieves and never will. Haven't welcomed Justin Sun, like some did, because I knew right from the beginning he's an ass and a crook, and still believe that but I can admit, for the third time I guess, that it changed my life temporary... Yes Justin, you managed to put my blog on pause and spark the FUD inside my heart, but you don't have the fuel to keep that alive for too long.

Whether Steem will, or will not ever be, the same again I don't know. Whether it will continue in appreciating in price for the long run and not just temporary, while exchanges funds are locked, I don't know either, but I sure know that I miss my blogging routine and am willing to take it back. Everything that's under the @acesontop badge is mine and no one can take it from me. No Sun can burn it to ashes. It can temporarily burn my skin a bit but I've got the lotion for that. I always come back and I always come stronger and if we'll ever meet in real life I'll kick your ass Justin. I swear it.

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