Gradually, Then Suddenly

Can someone be a Bitcoin and a Hive maxi at the same time? Yes, that's me for a couple of months or so and it's not really what you're thinking about. I'm not a HODLer and neither the next Max Keiser, I'm just 110% convinced that crypto is the best panacea society has at hand right now.

I'm advocating blockchain technology left and right and trying to convince as many folks around me as possible to educate themselves on blockchain and crypto and put a little money in it, but not much success unfortunately.

I don't think that anyone should invest in crypto without a minimum understanding of what bitcoin is and what it's meant to do in the world. We've overcome the era of BTC as a highly volatile risk on asset. It's futile imo to see it as such in 2022 and in the years to come.

While it is still to be considered a tradeable asset that's paired against some world currencies on all sort of exchanges, USD being its most used pairing, it is actually more than that. If you've been following "hot events" around the world for the past half a year or so we're seeing bitcoin transforming itself into the fuck you money.


It has been used as such by the freedom convoy of Canada, by Ukrainians resorting to using it in order to get funds to the country fast in using them to fight against Russia, it's become legal tender of El Salvador and considered as pretty much as such by Russia itself as well. World leaders have started fearing Bitcoin and fearing missing on it and that's great...

"The time is now to integrate Bitcoin and crypto into our economy", said Russia Prime Minister earlier today and if you see Russia as a bad ass that's to be blamed for every evil happening in the world right now, you're definitely looking at this whole war from a tight angle.

It's not that simple as it appears to be, but out of this painful event Bitcoin seems to be a winner and we're definitely looking at an increased pace in its mass adoption process. Countries all over the world are turning 180 degrees on Bitcoin and crypto, and it would be a pity to ignore it right now.

Elon Musk has spitted out on twitter today the idea that we might need an alternative to twitter... Little does he know about Hive, although I rushed to comment on his tweet pointing his attention to us. The idea is that we need blockchain now more than we need the speculative side of crypto.

I'm not into Bitcoin anymore as a mean of making more money, I don't even plan on ever selling it, but seeing it more as that perfect hedge. A house in the mountains, a nice chick and self sustainability would probably be a better hedge, but living in society right now and not at least looking at blockchain and crypto and trying to understand it is such a loss.

It took Bitcoin almost a decade to earn itself a decent amount of mainstream adoption and we already have it being talked about as a piece of technology that's about to be integrated in one of the greatest super powers in the world. What's next? The war on bitcoin and I'm willing to fight that one...

Hope you've had a great Saturday and see you tomorrow.

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