Gone "Smartphone Vegan", and FOMOed Last Night 😁

Gone "Smartphone Vegan", and FOMOed Last Night 😁

The spring cleaning session is already in, and although it's not what you might instantly think of and it hasn't required too much effort, it's definitely an act that has been delayed for too much. Nothing lasts forever though and everything comes to an end. So, has my relationship with whatsapp...

Yep, the facebook owned messaging app, that I was still using to connect via messages, voice and video calls, after being a facebook and instagram free, former addict, for years is now history. I refused to give facebook too much credit for it, but it's actually their app, and not just a branded one, and in my opinion all that can facebook can offer is garbage.

I wanted to just test a non whatsapp day today, but I couldn't... Actually I could have done that, but didn't wanted anymore, after I realized that I can't uninstall the damn app, as it suddenly became a built in one, for android on Samsung. For what I remember I installed both facebook and instagram, and whatsapp as well, when I purchased my phone, and they didn't come pre-installed but somehow suckerberg managed to root them in android. Not being able to uninstall the app is what triggered me.

Well, there was that "whatsapp from facebook" welcoming message that you get whenever you open the app that pissed me of multiple times a day, but the idea of forcing a permanent residence in my phone was raging. I know, I still can't uninstall it, but it's disabled and force stopped, and I'm not getting my hands on it any soon.

Knowing facebook what a coward spy it is, and being clearly aware of it being the owner of whastapp as well, it was clear that what they were doing with their apps, were doing with this one too. They didn't had to come on TV and say that, but the way I know the blue pill, I can't offer any trust anymore. Hence it gone to the apps scrapyard on my phone, and completely uninstalled it from my laptop.

How am I gonna survive without whatsapp now?

Quite well. I already had telegram for many months so it's not like I don't have a messaging app anymore. It pretty much offers the same services, but I guess, with much more privacy and common sense for its users. Truth is that not as many of my contacts have telegram, but the most that matter do have, so I haven't basically lost anything.

The others that still wish to message me, and send me pics, will have to install telegram, and it will be for their benefit, although they might not be aware of that for the moment. The only thing that telegram doesn't have is video calls, but I can live without it. I wasn't using that feature too often with whatsapp either.

Hence, since February 19, 2020 I am a 100% free of facebook entanglements and I wonder why I haven't been through this cleaning process years ago. Moreover I will take into account, when buying my next phone, that it won't have the facebook apps collection preinstalled. I am highly skeptical of them not spying even when you're not a user anymore but you disabled the damn app. I wonder why Samsung accepts their apps to root in its software, so you can't uninstall them anymore. I guess it's money money money...

I had an interesting dream last night though. It was like I was about to meet with a couple of friends, to whom I really met in that dream, and I had a pocket full of cash. There were clearly money from my cash savings but I had some good part of it in my right pocket, and I was going to the bank to buy myself crypto with it because I didn't wanted to loose the next wave in the bull market.

How weird is that. I was FOMOing in my own dreams, because I really felt like I had to to go there and buy crypto. I don't know why I had to buy it from the bank though, but that's what the dream was about. A pocket full of money and a strong desire to buy more crypto... I don't know if I should make it a reality. Somehow what we currently have is promising, but I would risk much more than what I afford to loose.

I guess I'm too much into this topic every day that I got to dream about it. Thank God I haven't dreamed Sun or Ned, because that would have really been a shitty one. Anyway, hope you are having a great day.

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