Fear Uncertainty Doubt

Fear Uncertainty Doubt

Shopping today was much different than in previous days, and this is due entirely to the state of emergency in which the entire country, and probably the whole of Europe, has entered. The alley on the shore of the Danube that takes me almost every day on the way to the city center and the local park, seemed more deserted than it was on the first day of the year, when everybody was sleeping.

If I put the police cars that seem to be following all the passers-by as criminals to account, which from time to time also pass with the loudspeaker on advising people by using the same tape to stay in the house, I feel as if I live in a war zone. I have not experienced any period of war so far, and the 1989 Revolution I remember very vaguely as I was just three, and neither do I wish to witness any war until the end of my life, but the state of the people and the outside atmosphere lead me thinking to these.

People are very scared, and many of them seem to be even more frightened by the authorities and the sanctions that seem to be imposed if the state of emergency is not met, than by the virus itself. The elderly have an hourly interval of only two hours a day in which they are allowed to go out, and the others somehow need a reason to leave the house, and in no case are assemblies in groups of people larger than three allowed.

Regarding the protection measures against the virus, I can only say that they are typically Romanian, and executed in Romanian style. The media instead is very active, almost any television channel transmitting news from hour to hour and almost everything discussed today online is related to the Corona virus and nothing more.

The topic is discussed so much about that I got a great repulsion from the people who have nothing else to talk about. I personally believe, although I have no research to support my point, that this virus exists and it's not a new one, that some people are affected and that there are certainly people who die because of it, and that this probably happened year after year and it is not a novelty. However I have the feeling that the death numbers are exaggerated and artificially pumped to create panic.

How to make the whole of humanity in creating these "counterfeit" numbers I really do not know, but thinking about what can be achieved by the intelligent handling of this pandemic and seeing how some theories become reality, such as digital currency in China and America, for example, I realize that this virus has come to a standstill.

There were talks of a potential global financial crisis also in the last year, but nobody knew what could be its catalyst, it was talked about digital currency as a substitute for cash many years back, but everything was purely theoretical and no one had set a time frame in which it could become a reality, because such changes are not announced to prepare the population, but are introduced in crisis situations. Today, however, we read about America talking about the digital dollar, and about China announcing that it is in the final stages of switching exclusively to the digital yuan.

Thinking about all this ... this virus really makes sense. It's just extremely painful the way it was used to bring digital currency into the world, and to gain control over people almost completely, with its help, and other deprivations of freedom that are likely to follow as a result of this pandemic. ... Although at the beginning of this pandemic I expected everything to be consumed within a month or two, and it did not seem long lasting, now I think it is possible that its effects will be felt even over a year after everything will be over.

The world, as we know it, has entered not only into a health crisis but also a financial crisis, because more and more financial and industrial sectors are suffering or are closing for an indefinite period. In terms of health, we could say that we have been in a crisis for several decades now, given how many people die annually from cancer, diabetes and heart disease, but no government has so far banned the food full of chemicals that we consume daily, sugary beverages that are clearly harmful to our health, tobacco, and why not ... everyday stress.

Instead, when a virus became widespread, possibly with intent, the whole planet pressed the panic button. The virus will certainly become history in a year or two, unfortunately taking with it thousands or tens of thousands of people, just like other diseases if you think for a second, but the social and economic effects will haunt us much afterwards. At the moment I see the current society being about to press the "update and reset" button, but the boot load for this reset won't be an instant one.

The narrative regarding Bitcoin as a safe haven or the savior for the crashing global economy becomes more and more popular, by the day, especially when considering the digital yuan and dollar, but it's really about to happen... and if this whole Pandemic Crown was just a master plan, would its directors allow it to survive and thrive? Until clearer times, it's all just FUD, but the most painful one in recent times. Stay safe and healthy!

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