Exit Liquidity

The Germans persist in selling and selling Bitcoin as if there's no tomorrow, and despite this, BTC has regained some ground from the Friday loss, but we're not out of the woods yet. Germany still has 18,000 BTC left to dump, and there's a deadline for that BTC to be sold. And there's a catch...

Yesterday, I came across an article stating that there's a county in Germany holding all this Bitcoin; the BTC doesn't belong to the country as a whole, and according to law, confiscated volatile assets must be sold over a predetermined period of time. Thus, the selling...

Some are already predicting a bull market top, but I doubt this bull market will end just a few months after the halving, while gold, NASDAQ, and the S&P 500 are making new all-time highs every week. Bull markets rise on pessimism, mature on optimism, and end in euphoria. We haven't reached euphoria yet. No sir...

And we haven't seen retail yet. That's when the bull market will come to an end. When every grandmother all over the world will invest in Bitcoin at $100,000 because they don't want inflation to devour their retirement money, and when the masses will buy DOGE for $1 each because it's going to $100.

We are far from that. I remember my first few months in crypto vividly. It was the end of 2017, and I was buying top after top on all sorts of altcoins, with no concept of halving cycles or TA in my mind. I was exit liquidity for whoever bought in early 2017 or 2016.

We don't have enough exit liquidity for now, and we're not even near a top either. Once the top will be near, there will be plenty of so-called investors like I was in 2017, buying all sorts of overvalued crap. We're not there yet...

What we're currently witnessing in the crypto markets is a transfer of wealth from the weak and panicked hands to serious investors. It happens in every cycle. It happened in 2020, and it happens again. We haven't seen the power of retail yet. We will see it, and that's when the bull market will be close to an end.

When the masses won't see the abyss toward which the economy is racing and start investing in tech stocks and crypto because technology is the future and will save us, that's when cash becomes king once more. Not there yet, but we will get there probably in 2025. Or even sooner...

We'll have to let the market do its thing, and there's no way we can't make money in this game. Absolutely no way... And remember, fortune favors the brave and patient...

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