Coronavirus protection measures appear to be nothing but a dirty exercise in preparing mankind for total control and enslavement

Coronavirus protection measures appear to be nothing but a dirty exercise in preparing mankind for total control and enslavement

It is quite clear to me the direction in which the so-called protection measures of citizens against COVID-19 are heading, and this has nothing to do with the effective protection of humanity against this virus called COVID-19. I personally know two people from my hometown who live in New York and who have contracted this virus, one of about 60 years old and the other about 37 years old, both being alive after this experience, only the 60 years old one requiring at the time of contacting this virus medical care. I don't have other examples of such people I know personally, infected with Coronavirus yet, but I know the pandemic is overblown.

Personally, I believe that even if this virus is real, and I tend to believe that it is, its influence on our health is negligible, and in no way worthy of the pandemic and global crisis we are currently in.

However, the measures that are being taken to protect us from this virus, the figures with which we are manipulated to believe the magnitude of this pandemic, and even the effectiveness of testing for this virus, proven to be fraudulent by the President of Tanzania, should not be overlooked. In my opinion, global society faces the violation of some of the fundamental rights that we once used to have, and it is in its early stages towards global slavery and world mass domination by a handful of world powers. Still wondering how's that going to happen?

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Even the idea of ​​being scanned, to be checked your temperature at the entrance of a supermarket by an unauthorized person to do so, raises certain questions. At the same time such protective measures have the role of preparing us to become a simple product, a bar code, a mere identification number of a huge database, or simple society mice.

I was just reading on the ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION on how wearable might help the spread of Coronavirus and it is simply mind boggling how these techniques are stealing our freedom, and how well designed the strategies are for preparing us for that damn RFID microchip that would ultimately turn us into slaves. At first, these wearable were talked about as optional for those who want to keep their distance from potentially infected ones with Coronavirus, but now more and more often such measures become mandatory, and I personally think this was the intention of the authorities right from the beginning.

What the authorities actually want to collect with these wearable, such as bracelets or simple tracing apps, are the location of the wearer, his health condition including temperature and other metrics, proximity to other people who of course are wearing such tracing devices, and last but not least the telephone number that is associated with the identity of the owner. Basically, the government wants to know permanently where the person X is, who is close to him, what state of health he is in, with whom he has communicated, because surely there will be recordings of calls or other collcted data, that are transmitted to and by the user of that phone number and his device, all in the name of our protection of course.

This pandemic being only a pretext to educate mankind with such abusive measures of tracing and tracking the individual, and ultimately turning him into a modern slave, if you ask me. What happens when a person is found, of course according to the criteria established by these sick minds and the crooked World Health Organization, that he/she is infected with COVID-19? They will be forced to enter self quarantine, and will of course be monitored through the same technology, in order not to leave home and infect other people. It is being mentioned of an arm wrist that would simply contain a bar code that the carrier would scan at the demand of the authorities, while sending photographs of the surroundings as well to confirm his locations, method that seems to be the cheaper option, and more convenient one for the non tech peeps. Call that convenience, right...

The problem that many so-called adherents of conspiracy theories have pointed out, is related to the transparency of the intentions of those who collect this data. Aren't they collecting other data and personal information of users as well?

Lichtenstein is already subjecting certain volunteer citizens to such measures to determine whether such wearable, connected to an algorithm, can detect a potentially COVID-19-infected person in time. The study, which is conducted on 5% of the Lichtenstein population, is called "COVI-GAPP", and study participants are being given "Ava" -brand bracelets to determine whether these wearables can identify COVID-19 pre-symptomatic cases (ie before the patient). shows any symptoms) ”. How does Ava work and what does it collect?

“The bracelets, which were supplied by Swiss fertility start-up Ava, are worn at night and record biometric data such as movements, body temperature, blood flow, breath, and pulse rate. The clinical trial will study the biometric data to see whether an algorithm can spot indicators that a person might have developed COVID-19 symptoms — increased temperature, shortness of breath and cough — even before patients notice these themselves. Participation in the clinical trial is voluntary, and the collected data is pseudonymized. ”

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It seems that this whole study is subject to Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) measures, and I am not in a position to dispute that. What I can say for sure is that, in my opinion, such tests, and protective measures against COVID-19 infection are used as simple exercises to educate the population for the not too distant future in which we will be subjected to , with or without our consent, to the wearing of these devices, and the collection of such data permanently, and not just for a short period of time as this pandemic should be. A situation that I consider to be a flagrant violation of the fundamental rights that a human being has, or should have, on this planet.

Such bracelets also seem to become mandatory in some companies, to ensure social distance among their employees, and "keep them safe" against contacting the damn virus. For example, “The port of Antwerp, Belgium, has started to use wristbands to enforce social distancing rules on the workfloor, requiring a specific minimum distance between any two workers.” The Dutch company Rombit provides the bluetooth and ultra-wideband technology to keep the employees of the port under control, but who can know for sure what kind of data this company actually collects, where it is being actuallz transmitted, and for how long it is stored.

Singapore is another example of a country that wants to keep its citizens under control, and with the help of TraceTogether Token which will be handed over to all the 5.7 million inhabitants, replacing the Trace Together App, thus making it possible to monitor any citizen, including those who do not own a smartphone. The examples of such countries that in the name of protecting citizens from this virus transform their citizens into laboratory mice, can continue, but I believe you have already the basic image of the reality towards which we seem to be heading. A gloomy reality, depriving of fundamental freedoms one, in which human beings will represent simple numbers in a gigantic database, under the full control of the authorities.

All in the name of protecting our health... A protection against a virus whose statistics and tests have certainly been manipulated, and in this direction the Internet abounds in such evidence, a virus that is clearly no more dangerous than a simple cold or flu, but which destroys the global economy, transforms us in slaves of technology, and those who control it, and steal our fundamental rights and freedoms in a barbaric way. I do not know how each of you sees this pandemic, and all these absurd measures of protection against COVID-19 infection, but for me this is clearly an exercise in preparing humanity for technologies that will permanently enter our lives, and bodies, and which certainly will turn us into slaves of world governments, and other hidden powers, and their tools of mass population control.

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