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The world is crippling right now and it is quite hard to blame just one individual or a group of persons for the current times we're living. Somehow we're all in this together and we all have the culprit for how low society has gone and how trashed economies are all around the world.

An unprecedented wave of brazen gasoline thefts is rippling across the US. Looks like gasoline is becoming a more exquisite product than a refined perfume used to be, and this situation is not related just to the US. A matter of fact the US gasoline and diesel is still cheap to what most of the European countries such as Sweden have.

Macy's Inc. CEO Jeff Gennette recently told WSJ they tried to raise prices on some mattresses and sofas by $100 and were met with fierce consumer push back. Clothing brand Bella Dahl hiked shirt prices by $20 and immediately saw sales crater.

Looks like Americans are turning into thieves(don't take that too serious) and they're stepping back from the good old consumerism. Why? Quite simple, they can't simply keep up with the inflation and price increases with their current salaries.

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Restaurant spending y/y growth in freefall as well and I bet all those situations apply to almost any country in the world. Average individuals simply can not keep up the pace with prices and we still give a fuck about covid, which is a man made pandemic and the Ukraine war that falls to pretty much the same category.

Individuals have suffered during both crisis, but both could have been tackled differently as well.

Chronic levels of inflation, robots taking over "human jobs" being more cost efficient and reliable, food shortages, food and gas rationing, UBIs, CBDCs, digital IDs, and there you have your great reset and almost no escape from a totally enslaved society.

That's what I was saying in a post yesterday and I still stand by this narrative until further changes...

Now that I mentioned a few examples on how inflation and supply shortages have affected consumers I will share with you a bunch of them from my own country that are in tune with the topic.

So, in the past couple of weeks my barber has pushed the price up for a regular haircut with 25%, diesel and gasoline are about 15% more expensive than they were less than a month ago, a bag of cement... according to a friend who is in the constructions business, has gone up by about 30% in just three months.

Beef is up a few percentages as well and I bet almost every product out there has been inflated over the past couple of months or so and we're not even done yet with inflation and supply shortages. We were getting into extreme consumerism and "they decided to tame us down", right?

Thank god the establishment cares that much about us and helped us see the lies we've been living in for all these decades. Have a great Friday night and see you tomorrow.

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