Community Outside Community - Steem and Steemit on The Trending Page of Publish0x

Community Outside Community - Steem and Steemit on The Trending Page of Publish0x


I know that there's a lot going on lately with Steem, its decentralized nature being threatened, and with Steemit that has been recently bought by a scumbag willing to make everything his own and centralize what once was least theoretically, it's hard to stay lucid. The community has reacted and his top fraudulent elected 20 witnesses are already falling one by one to lower positions, and the CEO of Steemit claims on twitter that he will revoke the votes for the 20 anonymous witnesses that got on top 20 over night.

He's doing all that forced of the situation, because CZ realized in what a shit he started drowning, by allowing the use of people's STEEM on Binance to vote for Sun's witnesses. None of them have come with a logical and honest reaction after all of this, and both proved to be just two liars that would trade even their mothers for money. About Sun, I always considered him a persona non grata, proving to be just a rich kid playing the game of crypto, but with CZ I had some slightly different opinion.

Now they both proved their communist views and once again Binance underlined the importance of holding your crypto on a private wallet and not on exchanges. About it accepting bribery for listing cryptocurrencies on the platform I've heard a long time ago in an interview of a Romanian crypto influencer, but I honestly refused to believe. Now, after all they did for Steem, it's crystal clear. Use exchanges only to EXCHANGING CRYPTO and withdraw all afterwards. This way their influence power and ability to manipulate the market is limited.


As you may know, for about four months almost, all of my posts that I have on Steemit go to Publish0x as well and I have to say that this cross posting not only that benefited my crypto earnings, because I do earn BAT and some other tokens over there as I earn STEEM in here, but it widened my crypto community sort to speak.

I'm not a famous blogger in here and neither am I in there, but I managed to hit the trending page a couple of times on Publish0x and I'm proud of myself. Moreover I am happy that the last two that got recently as being a trend among others on Publish0x are Steem/Steemit related ones. I wrote about the situation we have with Sun, I wrote about my frustrations and fears, about my doubts and suppositions and I put everything out with all the honesty that my pockets have. I don't like wearing masks, I don't hide from cussing on my blogs and I don't step back from criticizing when feel like.

The community there reacted and tipped these two posts that I screenshoted and that's how they got to the trending page. It's basically the same principle that we have on Steemit. It's others that decide if one article is worth to become a trend or not, just that you need a high number of peeps to achieve that, and not only one or a few whales or an immense self vote. Not only that they got tipped but interaction was quite encouraging as well on these two posts, and I got to make more friends in the last two days, some of them being Steem users as well.


For the first article that got to the trending page most of the Steem users that interacted with me were as fearful as I was, and already saw Steem dying, as a decentralized blockchain, and we all kind of thought that Publish0x will become our main platform. Yes, I was thinking like this and not ashamed to state that publicly. I really had no clue that we have options to get Steem out of Justin's claws and wouldn't continue my blogging activity on a Steem Tron not in a thousand years.

Then the whole twitter saga was born with the Steem community reacting and asking questions, especially to CZ, since Binance played the heaviest role in voting for the top 20 anonymous witnesses that were supposed to make Steem a Tron shit. As you may have read in his tweets, he tried to keep his image clean and invoke all sort of excuses and reasoning for what he's done, but nobody bought them.

The proofs are to be found on twitter, on his official account, and you can see that from the comments section that I screenshoted on my Publish0x article as well. People are not dumb, CZ, and I am somehow glad this whole thing happened because it is definitely a wake up call for the masses that still believe in the good old anarchist principles that once crypto was all about. These times are on an edge, close to falling, pushed by centralized exchanges and tons of regulations that will ultimately make crypto the tool of the rich, as any other asset or store of value on earth, and help them gain more control over the population if the population allows it.


No comment at all have I had disagreeing with the Steem community or praising Sun's actions, and CZ's attitude in any way, and it felt really good to see that. I know that some of you were inviting Tron community to join Steem a few weeks ago, driven by the hope that Sun was not the scumbag that I and some others believed he was right from the beginning, and I get their attitude. It's great when communities support each other and help themselves in difficult times, or during growth times, and I always considered that Steem shouldn't be a closed system where we all praise it and see nothing beyond it.

It's a good platform, it has its flaws, but it's not the only one and I would highly prefer to see Steem members creating accounts on Publish0x as well, and vice versa, rather than welcoming Tron on Steem. I don't like Tron, neither Sun, and their communist views. I live in an ex communist country and not a fan of that at all.

Closing this community dedicated article I confess that my hopes are not in a coma anymore regarding Steem, I am happy to be able to publish my articles on Publish0x as well, and hope to see both platforms growing over years. It's true, Steem made me a blogger, Publish0x came as another slice of the crypto pie, and happy to eat them both. My goal when I started my blogging activity was to make myself a living out of this and hopefully one day I will be able to do that. That depends on the market's performance as well though and hopefully the bull market will be rewarding.

Thanks for attention,


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