Can't access my Binance account

Can't access my Binance account

For more than 24 hours Binance has put me on the waiting list, somehow. I don't know how that happened but I noticed yesterday I couldn't log into my Binance account using Brave browser, which is the only browser I use. Every time I try to do that I have to face an almost endless waiting, and simply can't access my account.

I installed the app on my smartphone and it works fine. I could withdraw my cryptos from there but, I don't get why I can't access my account from my laptop. For the moment I don't hold any funds over there any longer but, maybe in the future I would like to use the exchange, and would probably simply can't do that if I don't find a fix...

It has never happened to me. I've had problems with withdrawing when I deactivated my 2FA for my account, and everything went OK after reactivating it but, this sort of problem never happened to me. Has anyone encountered the same problem? Do you guys have any idea what should I do to be able to access my account again?

Moreover, I can't find @binance or @binancesupport on twitter and have no clue to whom should I ask for support. If you guys have any piece of advice please share it with your fellow here. Will be much appreciated.

Thanks for attention,


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