"Calusul" - Probably The Fastest Folk Dance in the World!

"Calusul" - Probably The Fastest Folk Dance in the World!

Has anyone danced or at least learned to dance break dance in high school or teen age years? Probably quite a few around here have had their time spent dedicated to this dance that supposedly was invented by the African American youth in the early 1970, according to wikipedia.

Well, let me tell you, that we have, or at least had our own break dance as well, the Romanian one was called Calusul, which was actually an archaic zamolxian ritual, and as you will see in the following video might be the fastest dance in the world and for sure older than the American break dance so, beat that America.

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Calusul however, wasn't for anyone, and to my knowledge it is no longer being danced, by the ones that are still practicing it, as it was decades or even centuries ago. Why? Because it was actually a ritual and not just a simple dance that you learn in weekends or after school and involved a spiritual preparation as well. A purifying dance ritual dance against evil entities that could affect old Romanian villages back then, that was the dance about.

Being a ritual and a sacred even it meant that a certain spiritual preparation had to be involved in order for the Romanian break dance to be effective and all of that was in the hands of the men practicing it. They were actually a community of men, or should I say brotherhood, and weeks before the actual event took place they would go out into the forest leaving behind their women, their normal food and almost all sort of distraction that they had in the village and "eat calusul". Some monk stuff happened in these woods.

Some hardcore shit I would say, that should have gave them that energy to dance like that. Yes, practice is needed to become a master in anything but I've watched modern times folks dancing it and they suck. Too slow in my opinion and don't have that vibe like the ones in the video. Probably too much alcohol, porn and jerking off and fast food chemicals drained them and slowed them when dancing.

Not going to make this a scientific post or a religious one about this dance so feel free to watch this 2 minute video and share your opinion of the dance and the guys dancing it. What do you think and what do you feel like watching them performing this sort of dance? The video quality is very poor because it was filmed a looong time ago but you will get what I am talking about.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM7lTvNWH8o   Initially posted on my steemit account: https://steemit.com/life/@acesontop/calusul-probably-the-fastest-folk-dance-in-the-world

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