Bull Market Reflections - The Winter and Spring of My Crypto Experience

Bull Market Reflections - The Winter and Spring of My Crypto Experience

Stepping gradually into the next big bull market for Bitcoin I've been having lately all sort of flashbacks from my last three years spent in crypto, talking with friends that are as well into crypto about how dumb we were for not making money in 2017, but aside from all the bitter experience there is good to any experience, right.

I guess there's no one in here that hasn't profited from the crypto markets, but got out wrecked as well from lets call them unfortunate trades. I've done them both... good and bad trades, and each and one of them has taught me something. Something that will be of immense help for the next euphoria stage in crypto.

My worst trade is definitely the one I had with NXT. One that I entered, all in, actually on Christmas Eve. I was going to meet a good friend of mine who was coming to town for holidays and before actually meeting him, he called me to shill me NXT. The shitcoin was having a snapshot on January 1st and a hardfork sometimes in February and participants to the snapshot would get the baby of NXT which was already on pre sales at $2... Yes I know, it was late 2017 and everything flying was worth eating.

I bought into it with about $1,300, from what I remember, and actually did that really really close to its peak. Paid $1.95 per coin and moved it to a wallet that was supposed to support the snapshot and airdrop. Soon after I FOMOed into it the price started to fall and the next day was $1,60... and by January 1st when the snapshot occurred, it was already 60 cents, but do you think I sold it? Nope, I actually held that shit till it hot about 15 cents or so leaving me with peanuts money.

The hopes were hanging now on the neck of NXT's baby to drag me to the shore, but the airdrop was delayed, although the shitcoin was already being traded on some exchanges and the loosers who bought it on pre sales were rushing to dump it, seeing of course the hell the crypto market was entering. When the airdropped tokens finally got to my wallet... again peanuts money, and that's how I blew up the ending phase of one of the biggest crypto bull markets in history.

ETC saved my ass though. It was February 2018, if I remember correctly, when I read about its hardfork... Again, hardforks, but this time there wasn't any shitcoin airdropped and didn't have to hold onto it waiting for no damn snapshot. I simply bought what was almost the exact bottom at $14,7(I guess it was $13 where it actually bottomed) and sold it at $32. I could have sold it even higher, as it was peaking at $42, but greed helped me slip some profits through my fingers. I had 100 coins, I remember that accurately, and made a profit of about $1,800 in a matter of a week or so.

Haven't I scored this trade, which obviously is leftovers for some of you, and I doubt I would still be around here. It actually came like a God given one right after the totally failed one with NXT. What is there to be learned and why these two have kept me in crypto? Well, first of all extreme greed is definitely a sign to get the fuck out of a market, and that was what the crypto markets were screaming at those times when I got into ETC and avoid by all means FOMO, especially in the cases of shitcoins backed by non existent projects. However, although the ETC one was a winner, I still consider that listening to my intuition would have made me an extra $1,000, but it was my intuition that got me in jumping on its train so it's definitely a win.

I was actually at a cafeteria with that good friend of mine when ETC topped at $42 and had the intuition to sell it, but neah... greed drove me towards imaginary higher profits, and tricked me into not scoring another grand. I know that emotions shouldn't determine the outcome of one's trades, but in my case... if I'd listen to it I would have made much more money from crypto. These two trades gave me important lessons that will come at hand in the future bull run and somehow kept me in the crypto sphere.

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