I am probably the least "accredited" to shill any crypto around here, as I am a lousy investor and trader at the same time, but will do that anyway. I have plenty of free time and humor to do so :D. Guys and gals, I guess I have "rediscovered" a gem.

Lately there have been quite a few splashes made by Facebook and their metaverse project, the company rebranding to Meta, just so the noobs be more incentivized to use their shit.

The idea is that metaverses are gonna be a reality at some point and there are a few games already that wear the badge of "metaverse". To what extent are these games really up to the metaverse level, is way beyond me, but I like speculation and tried my luck with a trade lately.

I don't know if you've noticed, but soon after facebook came out with their presentation of their future Metaverse some "metaverse related projects" such as Axie Infinity and Decentraland have seen their tokens pump quite hard. Well, I've got one for you today that will pump quite mad as well, hopefully...


TLM is the token of the Alienworlds game that's supposed to be a game planning to become a metaverse, or a metaverse already, I honestly don't know anything for sure as I haven't played it. I first heard of it from @bozz a few months ago, who has played it and got some TLM airdrop if I remember correctly. The idea is that I owned a few thousands of these TLM as well, bought purely out of speculation.

But when the price action of TLM became boring as hell, as you can see on its lifetime graph I've exited my position on a loss and reinvested my money. Yesterday I bought it again, thus I can say I have "rediscovered it".

My entry price is $0.22, if I remember correctly, and it's already 6 cents higher. Can you believe that, six cents above my entry price? I guess that's my best trade so far :D... On a serious note though, taking into consideration the hype around metaverses I believe this coin is going to have an exponential growth in the next few weeks and probably months.

The all time chart looks so flat and a breakout to the upside is imminent. Previous ATH has been some $7 or so, but that was the price before the airdrop and before people starting dumping on TLM. Now they're probably gonna FOMO back, especially at these levels. I remember what happened with UNI after the airdrop and look at UNI now. Hence, I'm not gonna miss this opportunity on TLM. Airdrops have a pattern and metaverses are getting hyped.

Now, I don't know if this post should be considered as a proper Leo Alpha one, but have a look at this project and its token. It could be a good trade/investment, and if you're a gamer you might dig into it more and even start playing it. If you lose money on TLM though don't blame me :D. DYOR...

Thanks for attention,

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