You are blessed beyond belief

When I say to you that the divine is inside of you, this is the truth, this is the absolute truth .That the one you build cathedrals for doesn't actually live in cathedrals ,the one you build temples for doesn't actually live in temples .Long time ago ,before there were cathedrals ,before there were temples, before they were the holy place ,that one that is divine made a holy place of the Divine's choosing and that holy place was in the heart of human beings .Was then is now and will be till human-being  survive. Listen to this ,listen to this because this, can save your life, this can save your life knowing that that divine is inside.Even if you decide to do nothing ,walk home and just do nothing ,know that the divine is inside of you. Be thankful for this life ,be thankful for  this existence ,be thankful for this blessing of compactly, be thankful that you could know .I hope ,you have tolerance left in you to hear the truth . Because when the truth is actually told ,it is the sweetest thing, it is sweeter than any fragrance of a flower, it is sweeter than any singing of a song ,it is sweeter than playing of any drums, it is sweeter than the sweetness of nectar itself and that truth is "You are blessed beyond belief".


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