Bidao the new Stablecoin on Binancechain...
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Bidao the new Stablecoin on Binancechain...

Dear readers, in July 2019 the Bidao team was launched withpaper that will regulate this new ecosystem.
The German-based project is no small feat, it is currently in Q2 phase and has a 30% pawestaking before it was 50%, soon the Q3 phase will be 18% then after the ICO it will settle at 3% for year.
The three Token architecture of the BAI stablecoin will have the same mechanism as the DAI counterpart that travels on ethchain instead. And instead of ether as collateral for the production of the algorithmic stablecoin, BNB will be collateralised for the production of BAI not of DAI. BAI according to the Team, the CEO Bastian has won the Apple scholar 3 times. The refer program is enabled only for those who made a contribution and requested them, mine:

The BID Token will be the governance token as Maker for the Maker Dao protocol, and with staking it will allow a passive income to those who hold it. I thank you for your attention to as usual I repeat that this is not a financial advice and I am not telling you to invest in Bidao, which as you know ICOs are events to be taken very carefully. Anyway I leave the refer link as a safe access to the site. 30% of superstaking is still for 1 month so if you have to think about it 🤔🤔🤔🚀

Good crypto at all ...

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Crypto coffe & others
Crypto coffe & others

I am a 33 year old Tuscan entrepreneur in the food sector, and a great enthusiast for blockchain and cryptocurrency...

Good evening to all, this blog has the purpose of promoting not for commercial purposes since we are not here to give financial advice, but for the sole purpose of information to discover a project in the DEFI sector that cannot pass into observed, BIDAOCHAIN. So stay tuned because all the news until the first listing on an exchange will take care of updating us on our dedicated Blog !!

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