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Where is humanity ?


# Where is humanity!?
** Nowadays peoples have forgotten humanity, now everyone just thinks of themselves.No one stands by the starving people, everyone is busy with himself.In this world, there is a single humanity and no one sustains it.There are very few controlling people for humanity.

** Time is dynamic
History is dynamic.In time,
History changes.Will ever move
Ever silent The truth is
Right Natural flow Active
All actions There are reactions.
Power Not permanent The consequences Approaching
Everyone.To impose Artificial stream Inevitable collapse
Only a matter of time.Lies and oppression Inflation
In eternal regret Will become
Last laugh Just the truth's laughter, Good laugh
False and oppressive genre
Forever defeated and
Ever hated,The wrongdoers are condemned and Cursed.The truth and the genre of humanity
Ever winner Forever great

# Allama_imam_heat
(Except for the object of humanity
Founder of the World Sunni Movement and
Promoter of the World Humanitarian Revolution)

# If you love the state, you want to protect the lives of the state and the state's wealth from the oppression of the looters of the gangsters.

** Fourth, to stand in the crisis of humanity if it is to love humanity.

** So decide who you vote for, which party you will take, whatever you do deliberately. Remember that you voted means that you put the responsibility of life and wealth of all people in someone else's hands and that is why you have to be accountable. Vote deposit. Just as your vote can help the welfare of the oppressed, so can the helper of the oppressed, and you will be responsible indirectly.

** There are two politics going on in the world, the politics of humanity and the collectivist non-politics. The politics of humanity has disappeared, the politics of humanity has been resurrected through Allama Imam Hayat and we are calling you to that call. So come to the discussion directly and understand the details and make a decision.

# Key Direction: Allama Imam Hayat (Chairman, World Humanitarian Revolution)

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Great holy welcome of beloved Rasul to us is coming of light to our dark life.collect from Imam Hayat

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