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Waterfall is one of the most beautifull palce in the world

Waterfall is one of the most beautifull palce in the world.


In the world there have lot of waterfall's  and all of different type of waterfall's but all of so beautifull.

I have visit some waterfall's and some beautifull places which so wanderfull.

Waterfall is also a natural beauty,which creat naturally, nature give us waterfalls  as a gift.

When anyone visiting waterfall's then he will autimaticklly fresh minded cause waterfall is a beauty this beauty make you fresh inside from your heart.

In waterfall take shower it's so amaging, it's so natural beauty.

Patharia Hills (formerly: Adam's Isle Hills) are composed of solid rock; The Gangamara rhyme flows over this hill.

This rhyme has become Madhabkund waterfall and has fallen down. In other words, the water flowing through the Ganges [as of 12 October 1999] falls from a height of about 162 feet and flows through Madhabchhara.

Usually water flows in a main stream all the time, when the rainy season comes, another small stream is formed next to the main stream and in the rainy season, the two streams merge into one and the water flows sharply.

This huge stream of water has created a huge pool below. The water of this Madhabchhara flows towards the west and merges with Hakaluki Haor.

A cave has been created on the rock on the right side of the tank, whose local name is Kab.

This cub looks a lot like a hut.On the thirteenth day of Madhukrishna, the bathers stand under the cab and change their wet clothes.

Shail Falls: This beautiful waterfall is located at Milnachhari on the way to Thanchi, 4 km from Bandarban.

Bangladesh Tourism Corporation is responsible for its maintenance.

In addition to Madhabkund Falls, there is another waterfall in this ecopark, which is not far from Madhabkund Falls.

This waterfall can be seen by holding the rhyme on the opposite side of Shiva Temple. This waterfall is known as Parikunda waterfall.

However, this waterfall only comes back to life during the rainy season.

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