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Today I will share with you some of the architectural designs of the mosque.

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you are well. Today I will share with you some of the architectural designs of the mosque.


The name of the mosque is, Masjid A Raslul Allah sollallahi Wasallam. This mosque is located on Feni Daganbhuiyan Basurhat Road.

This mosque is located on the right hand side from Daganbhuiyan to Basurhat. It is a well-known mosque. Where this mosque has been built by spending a lot of money.


This mosque has been built with a single funding. No funding has been taken from anyone. Only one person has built this mosque with full funding of the mosque.

Today I will share with you some photos of this mosque and the photos I took from different angles.


If I didn't take interior design pictures I just took pictures of exterior designs, hope you like the pictures.

In fact, those who work in architecture are a kind of museum, how they design their fiction in 0 places and turn it into a royal pass.


So they are a kind of museum. If they want, they can decorate a place very nicely and they can turn a place into a big prasad.

The only reason there are so many beautiful mountains in the world is because they are museums of architecture because they have made the whole world beautiful by drawing beautiful iconic buildings.


Much of the world's expressions have been fulfilled through architectural design.

They work in architecture, they are highly respected and with their precious time they build good and iconic buildings to beautify the world. Although they exchange money for editors, this beauty still plays a major role in the world.

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I just join here for the shareing some blog,photography E,T,C

Great holy welcome of beloved Rasul to us is coming of light to our dark life.collect from Imam Hayat

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