The Diary Game : - 22.8.2020 Season -2.(Casual Day )

The Diary Game : - 22.8.2020 Season -2.(Casual Day )

The Diary Game : - 22.8.2020 Season -2.(Casual Day )

Hello friends how are you all?Hope you all well i am also well by the grace of almighty ALLAH.

I just going to share my activity of the day with #thediarygame


"My diary of 22-8-2020"</center>

I woke up today after alarm bell on my mobile, although I woke up before the alarm every morning.

Then, like every day after waking up in the morning, I went to the washroom, freshened up, came to the room, came to the room and got ready to go to the office.

Then I went to the canteen for breakfast and from there I went to the direct office.

I going to the office as usual, I concentrate on the office work again. While working in the office, when it's lunch time, I was going to the canteen for lunch and after lunch I go to my room to take rest for a while.

After taking a rest in the room, I left again and went to the office for the purpose of office and concentrated on office work again.

Then when it was 4:50 to do the office work I left again to come to the room.

Before I came into the room from the office, I went to feed the birds I was feeding, and there I saw two quail birds sitting in the same place.

I always see them sitting in the same place, then I grabbed it and saw that it was not moving then I took some photos and and give them some food and water from there.
"My bird's"</center>
Then I come to the room and go to the wash room to freshen up and back to the room after freshen up.

Then I came to the room and turned on the computer. I made some tea by putting some audio songs on the computer and listened to the songs while drinking tea.

Then after a while I played a movie. The name of the movie was "Good News". It was a Hindi comedy movie.

When it's time of dinner then I went to the canteen to have dinner and after finished my dinner i came back to the room.


"My nefhew"</center>
Then i edited some photos of my nefhew in the mobile by photo editing app, and then played games like every day.

When I thought I would fall asleep I charged the phone and fell asleep and that was the whole day activity of my self.


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I just join here for the shareing some blog,photography E,T,C

Great holy welcome of beloved Rasul to us is coming of light to our dark life.collect from Imam Hayat

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