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Only a little thought beyond the realization of the obligations of faith can it be understood that such a deen can survive in the face of all-out war

# Only a little thought beyond the realization of the obligations of faith can it be understood that such a deen can survive in the face of all-out war? Is there any pure adulterous direction, free from adulteration and humanitarian revolution, without the adulteration and the humanitarian revolution?


How can we make a movement and insanity someday in the way we are meaningless?Has the history of the revolution of the world given any such deal with irresponsible leadership? After the collapse of the last 5 years, what have we found in the history of this murderous movement and the existence of humanity and the way of survival and survival? But how is it going and what will be the revolution in the way we are doing? After hundreds of years of darkness, where can we find the path to the miraculously lost and forgotten? What is a revolution without a revolutionary? Can we claim that Priyunabi is doing all this while we are all getting away with it and we are away from the main field? Many of our leaders either have no heart or are unable to grasp the depth of the crisis.

* If leaders do not learn or stand as the supreme responsibility, then where can the workers find courage? Do we really want to do something or are we just fake? Inhumanity is not a spiritual Ajifa where we will get rid of the will, our inability to understand that the real struggle of the field is not destructive, real movement and mosquito is one, our position is clearly disappointing, otherwise Sirius will never reach the target, we will have a world of cancellation. Because of this situation, there is a way of truth and salvation in the world but we are not dedicated to our faith. It doesn't grow.

* Before the emergence of the Imam, in the past, did we know the right-cancellation? Did you know the path to redeem yourself? If you understand the crisis, can you stay away? Do we understand what is in our life above all else and what is after all? The world is neither miraculous nor unprofessional. Reliable Leader Essential How does the Imam go alone with whom to lead? Are we still beside Him even after the Imam built us through many hardships? If something is not far apart, will something develop? The real leader of the field will not be allowed with the unseen disappearance of the lecture.

* I will love you from afar. These songs are either washed out but in this way war is not defeat, defeat, and do we have any pain in them? Do the dead feel again? Just telling the truth is anger? Everyone sleeps comfortably. Release to sleep! Crabland will be free to dream!

* The only real effective form of true love for the mortal creature is the world chanting movement and humanity in Khilafat, which is another name for the relationship and fidelity of the Priyanka, beyond which there is nothing but foolishness and treachery.

* And the Quiet Movement and Humanitarian Revolution is not just a formal association or spiritual meditation.

* For the believer, it is the highest point of life and the sacrament of the Holy One, the deposit of the great merchandise, without which the believer cannot exist, only becomes a confession and surrender to Bethel.

* Those who are in trance without calling for the direction of the Sufi Movement are different in some way but those who have the good fortune to understand their distance are incapable of forgiving irresponsibility, they will be cursed not only the loss of Deen-Millat but also the loss of themselves.

* Don't be. The profits which he seems to give up today from his original work will soon prove to be irreparable loss, as Priyanki is the only one who has not realized it for his own life and all his vanity, life, is only blinded and destroyed. The leaders 'irresponsible nonsense falsified general members' supporters.

* If the love of the great Priyanka is the essence and highest point of life, in exchange for any sacrifice the leaders must be in the real field next to the Imam, otherwise the hypocrisy will be cursed, the defeat of the Haqq will be overthrown, and the messenger will be the victorious establishment for the wrongdoing contamination.

* Please come forward without showing any excuse without anger, it is destructive to waste time on error.

* Without the establishment of the Khunni Movement and the Humanitarian Revolution, there is no way to rescue and liberate the Deen-Millat-humanity, nor even to understand the faith-kufr. I should also understand that the forest can not respond to the weeping by talking to the stones, even if all is destroyed, what are they? No, of course, if anyone has their own hands, they will surely respond to the Imam's hand, that without releasing the hand, all the ties will be broken even in the deep, faithful real ones who will never be touched, nothing will be able to defeat them apart.

# Your everlasting history of the truth. ((The Great Imam's Kindly Read the Faith, and Listen to Others)))

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