In my life i have lost two nearest person without cause

In my life i have lost two nearest person without cause

In my life i have lost two nearest person without cause.
(1) Bf =Jewel (2) Gf= A....
# Bf = Best friend
# Gf = Girl friend (onlly friend not lover)
Although without this two person i had lot of friends like good friends,bad friends school friends, college friends, friends friends, Lot of friends and i also lost some friends from this list,but i had no feelings any more for those friends, cause they just friends.But i lost Two nearest friends like heart and soul friends in my life which i feel a lot.


Although Gf came back in my life after 3 years and also she make sure that, the mistake was her,mistake means misunderstanding, so she contruct with me and say sorry.

But my Bf i mean Best friend did not come back yet, actually i don't know what is the reason for the making gaf in the best relationshif and he don't clear me where is my mistake, i also asking a lot for explained the problems but he didn't say anythings, he said nothing happened but i can't accept her reason cause without reason how to break a biggest relationshif?


My best friend jewel and me we was like a cuple of bird,we have no restrictions in our friendship, we don't know what is selfishness in our relationshif,we can leave everything for each others,like if he say leave your lover for me i can do it suddenly and he also same.

Our bonding was so propuler in our village and town.Peoples give example to showing us,they are said make friend as like me and my friend.

When jewel feel sad, her sad make me also sad,when he happy i feel to much happyness.

No more today....
I will continue write from here

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