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Hey guys how are you? Hope you all not well cause of CORONA/COVID-19 i am also not ok for the same way

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Hey guys how are you? Hope you all not well cause of CORONA/COVID-19 i am also not ok for the same way.

Today i share a SNAKE video which hide in the motorcycle,actually people's don't expect like that snake.


This snake hide in the motorcycle, it's so dangerous cause if the snake bit anybody then he get death.This snake staying in the back side light of the motorcycle.


This matter happened in a motorcycle garage,there was a regular Coustomar he came and said some problems of her back light,then a machanick assambling the parts of bike.

When he assambling the site cover the he can seen a snake which hide in the back light of the motorcycle.

He get afride and he shout loudlly all of come to see what happining here,they come and they can seen a snake hide in to motorcycle.

Everybody get shocked cause nobody seen this type of matter forever, this is the first time happining.

This snake was so dangerous, this is so Toxic snake that's why it was so riskable to ride bike, cause if this snake bit anybody he got death.

Watch this exclusive video and enjoy this VIDEO have a good day and i wish becarefull from this type of matter.

BTW stay HOME be SAFE.

Hoy mga kamusta? Sana kayong lahat ay hindi maayos na sanhi ng CORONA / COVID-19 ako din ay hindi ok para sa parehong paraan.

Ngayon ay nagbabahagi ako ng isang video na SNAKE na nagtatago sa motorsiklo, talagang hindi inaasahan ng mga tao tulad ng ahas na iyon.


Ang ahas na ito ay nakatago sa motorsiklo, napakapanganib na dahilan kung ang ahas ay kahit sino man pagkatapos siya ay namatay.Ang ahas na ito ay nanatili sa back side light ng motorsiklo.


Ang bagay na ito ay nangyari sa isang garahe ng motorsiklo, mayroong isang regular na Coustomar na siya ay dumating at sinabi ang ilang mga problema ng kanyang ilaw sa likod, pagkatapos ay isang machanick na bumagsak sa mga bahagi ng bike.

Kapag sinaksak niya ang site na takip ay makikita niya ang isang ahas na nagtago sa likod na ilaw ng motorsiklo.

Nakarating siya sa afride at napasigaw siya ng malakas lahat upang makita kung ano ang masaya dito, dumating sila at nakakita sila ng isang ahas na nakatago sa motorsiklo.

Lahat ng tao ay nagulat dahil walang tao na nakakita ng ganitong uri ng bagay magpakailanman, ito ang unang pagkakataon na nagpapasaya.

Ang ahas na ito ay napakapanganib, ito ay kaya ang ahas ng Toxic na dahilan kung bakit napanganib na sumakay ng bisikleta, sanhi kung ang ahas na ito ay kahit sino ay namatay.

Panoorin ang eksklusibong video na ito at tamasahin ang VIDEO na ito ay may magandang araw at nais kong becarefull mula sa ganitong uri ng bagay.

BTW manatili HOME maging SAFE.

# Actually we know in the social media and net media we can see lot of videos but we can't reached all videos for watching.

# Some time we miss some videos so i will upload everyday some videos for the d.dtubers watch and enjoy.

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