Altseason Arrived, Now What?!

Back on August 9th, 2016 I published a video and article titled, "Unpopular Opinion, "Altseason Will Return on CryptoDailyUK". I discussed why I thought Bitcoin dominance was topping out. At that time Bitcoin was at 70% dominance. 


Watch the video.

I discussed 6 Altcoins that I thought would do well in the next altseason.

The Cryptocurrencies I talked about were. 

1. Halo Platform 

2. Steem

3. Holochain 


5. Ravencoin 

6. Flashcoin 

This video today is a follow-up. I cover the same exact coins wan where they stand today. Hint, if only people listened. Here is the Unity Coin platform I discussed in the video. I don't trade Bitcoin. The Unity Coin system does the trading for me automatically. Stacking sats 24/7. 

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