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Altseason Arrived, Now What?!

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Back on August 9th, 2016 I published a video and article titled, "Unpopular Opinion, "Altseason Will Return on CryptoDailyUK". I discussed why I thought Bitcoin dominance was topping out. At that time Bitcoin was at 70% dominance.    Watch the video....

An Avoidable Tragedy

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Have You Ever Looked Around and Thought, "Get Out!!" You are the frog in the Pot! Yet you sit there and make every excuse to stay in your situation, in your country, in a bad relationship. You know the right thing to do is, GET OUT! https://steemit....

Epic Cash Weekly Update.

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This week we talk to Todd the Lead Tech Contributor for $EPIC. Learn More at https://epic.tech Youtube Video https://youtu.be/L73yhx2R-H8 #MimbleWimble #EpicCash #Crypto #CryptoCurrency  You Can Follow Me Here: ➡️ PublishOX: https://www.publish0x.co...

Appics Is Ready For PrimeTime! Is This Steemit 2.0?

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Appics is a Blockchain Social Media App. It is built on the Steem blockchain utilizing the new Smart Media Tokens by Steem. In the video below I take you through the app. The voting and profile work exactly like any other platform on the Steem blockc...

Unity Coin Review.

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A Diversified Stablecoin Pegged to Bitcoin? On the 22nd of November, my friend Rostik Rusev reached out to me and told me about the Unity Coin? project. Rostik recently joined the team as the COO and asked me if I would check out the wallet and do a...