EsFaucets - 13 cryptocurrency in one place


I want to introduce the best faucet site for earning cryptocurrency for free.

ES Faucets it's a Multi-Crypto faucet in which you can claim every 30 min.It's very easy all you need is to register and start claims. 

The faucet has:
  • claiming faucet options
  • Watching videos. 
  • Making surveys. 
  • Ptc sites
  • Every hour bonus
  • Weekly bonus 
  • Mining option (only if your interested)

The level grows up from 0% to 200% also you have everyday bonus by 1% (for example today 1% tomorrow 2% until 100% bonus in everything you claim) The bonus works automatically in all claims, which makes your earnings higher. 

The faucet has 13 cryptocurrency claiming system :
  • Escoin (coins that helps for growing up leves) 
  • Btc
  • Ethereum 
  • Litecoin 
  • Xrp ripple 
  • Stellar
  • DigiByte 
  • Dogcoin 
  • Bat
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ethereum classic 
  • Ox
  • Tron


Exchange options from all crypo

Exchange options that you can exchange all crypto in one as you wish and than withdraw, or withdraw all crypto one by one- it's your choice.


For easy claims you can use smartphone aplication for IOS or android, it's very practical and fast with mobile aplication especially for using data mobile.


Withdraw option are huge 

After you make some earnings it's very easy to make withdrawal, if you use Coinbase there's free of charge without any fee and very fast transaction. You can make withdrawal in all wallets you want too.

In the end i highly recommend this faucet, to whom are the fan of faucets and who want to earn some Cryptocurrency without any investment and same time enjoying with new experience in this feld. 

Happy earnings and good luck,if you're interested you can make registration here. 


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Thank you in advance! 

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I'm Searching for a better solution!

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