What is Pynk The Wisdom of Crowd


PYNK is the world's first People Powered Investment platform and a new investment model for everyday investors. We listen to the Wisdom of our Crowd (WoC), overlay Rose (our proprietary A.I.) and combine with our in-house expert analysis to help make short and long term investment decisions that aim to deliver market-beating returns.

Because our crowd members earn a share in return for helping us to make better investment decisions, PYNK is the first investment community that is truly built by the people, for the people. 

The end goal for PYNK is to build a community first platform that researches projects, validates their potential from both a commercial and sustainability perspective, and in doing so establishes the PYNK community as engineers of a more positive future.


This is one of a  great project that I stumble upon. The concept of Wisdom of Crowd which is unique and great, so you may be thinking;
What is Wisdom of Crowds(WoC)?
Combining the predictions of many different people is WoC.

In PYNK, the goal for everyone is to predict BTC(currently), (in future)GOLD, and Nasdaq. Then the information is feed into the ROSE A.I which is an AI network that has the ability to predict the future. Using the AI network and with the help of there member, the company will invest in the asset.

By the WoC which is proven to be more accurate, rather than being a small group of experts. Sir Francis Galton was the inventor of underlying mathematical models behind WoC.

Rather unexpectedly, he discovered that by asking nearly 800 participants from his local village to guess the weight of an Ox - that the average guess came within 0.8% of the true weight (1207 lbs). This observation became the basis of Galton’s work on central tendencies, variance and standard deviation.

How to become a member of WoC?

  • You have to register on the beta site, CLICK HERE


  • Log in on a daily basis will drop 300 Crowd Points(CP)
  • Using the CP you can predict
  • Next day, on the basis of your prediction you will be reward with the Wisdom Points(WP) which will be able to transfer to Pynk Security Tokens or as Cash.
  • If you are the closest predictor of the day you will be rewarded with $5 USDC as well.
  • There is a monthly reward as well for the CP contribution.
  • The size of the crowd is limited to 10,000 Pynksters.
  • And to ensure the positive contribution of each member, the member who will not log in will result in 150 CPs per day.



  • The only way is to have success in this project is to predict on daily basis.
  • Try to predict as accurate to get more WPs reward because they are the real asset which we can convert at the end of every quarter in Pynk Security Token.
  • can earn extra more on a daily or monthly basis. 190903265-d0451605313b87786b22ce9d4dfb49aa6eedf59901cb7c3ec045a488b1272603.jpeg

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