Saving VS living the moment?

By disgustoid88 | Hrvoje | 10 Dec 2021

The debate going in my mind is should i, should we invest in the future or live in the moment. My financial status is that i can save about 10% of my paycheck monthly. Something i keep in local fiat for unexpected expenses, and something i invest in crypto.
  Since i am a cyclist i buy bike parts i need that grow in price each day. That is living then moment portion of the argument. Saving for a new bike when i am 50 y/o doesnt make much sense. My wife also has her wishes that she wants, not what she NEEDS. We also have 2 young kids who NEED things(clothes, toys, etc...).
  As i have been reading a lot about saving strategies for the future, i started getting into it. But in the back of my mind are questions: "What if i miss my whole life just thinking about the future and not actually living?" and on the other hand "Should we bite the bullet and dump everything into savings now so our kids can live a bit more luxurious life?"
  Living the moment seems a bit irresponsible because you never know what tomorrow brings. There are a lot of unexpected expenses regarding the house, car, health...It is also irresponsible in the case the economy crashes and you can no longer provide basic things.
Dumping everything into savings for old age or for your kids is also a bad idea. What good is money when you are too old to enjoy it as you would when you are 30?
Also, GIVING kids money will not teach them financial responsibility. As a parent, my goal is to bring up a fully functional person, not someone who gets things handed on a silver platter.
When i was younger, a teenager, my parents didnt have a lot of money. We couldnt afford much. It is not their fault, the situation in the country which was post-war at the time was very unstable. So to teach me about money and work, because i was bad in school they sent me to work in a car wash for about 7euros for 8hr. Then it seemed like horror, bur now,in retrospect, that taught me a lot and i am glad and thankful for it.
  Life isnt about money, life is about experience. But sadly we need money to experience some things.I personally dont need a big house, the best car,but i do need some things that make me happy NOW and will make me happy later as well.
I am aware that i dont have a bad life, many people have it way worse, but we always strive for more, better ,we all do. No one wants to be poor and have an insecure financial status.
So underlining everything, what should we all do? What is the ratio of saving vs living the moment?

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Hi! My name is Hrvoje.I come from Croatia.I am 33 y/o and a father of 2 beautifull children. I work as a CNC programmer/operator. My hobby is cycling and in the other free time i dabble into crypto. Looking forward to talking to you all.

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